sportsmens do it yourself guide
Photography by Jeff Wilson, Typography by Eric Heintz

Money can fix problems, but so can you. Instead of hiring someone to solve all your problems, try tackling them yourselves. This range of skills and projects will include gunsmithing, taxidermy, welding, electric work, carpentry, and more—all to help you hunt harder, shoot straighter, and catch more fish. And if that doesn’t sound like fun, then we don’t know what does.

DIY Projects for Your Home

metal deer skull wall hanger
Design by Wisconsin Tool Welding Jeff Wilson

How to Weld a Skull-Mount Wall Hanger

Give a European mount a little more flash with this cool DIY welding project

DIY Taxidermy: How to Camo-Dip a Deer Skull

Turn a plain white European mount into a colorful camo-dipped masterpiece

How to Make a Custom Antler-Handle Knife

Refurbish an old blade with this cool DIY bone handle

DIY Projects In Your Shop

how to refinish a gun stock
Touching up a gun stock isn’t as challenging as you might think. Jeff Wilson

5 Ways to Refinish a Gun Stock Yourself, Plus Other Touch-Up Tricks

Make your favorite rifle or shotgun look good as new with these tips

How to Reload Ammo with Neck Bushings

Bushings can improve accuracy and brass life

How to Make Your Own Canvas Shooting Bag

Sew your own shooting bag for the range

How to Make Your Own Gun Rack (Plus: A DIY Leather Sling)

You can make this no-brainer rack in 30 minutes for $20

DIY Project for the Road

Sam Holot Bus Hunting Lodge Night sky
Bowhunter Sam Soholt turned an old bus into a mobile hunting lodge to chase elk all season long. Sam Soholt

How I Turned a School Bus into a Mobile Hunting Lodge

This hunter fixed up bus so he could live out of it and hunt public land. Here’s how he did it.

How to Build a Custom Truck-Bed Storage System

Organize the gear in your pick-up, once and for all

DIY Projects For Hunting & Fishing

boat trailer repair
Making repairs on your trailer isn’t as tricky as you might think. Jeff Wilson

3 Projects to Keep Your Boat Trailer in Ship Shape

Back up your trailer perfectly everytime, repack a wheel bearing, and rewire trailer lights

pvc lightweight game cart
Camouflage your cart with spray paint. Jeff Wilson

How to Build a Lightweight Game Cart for Hauling Out Deer

This PVC cart will run you about $100 in materials and save your back a load of trouble

How to Make Your Own Kydex Knife Sheath

A durable, waterproof, and low-maintenance option for carrying your favorite blade

How to Use PVC Pipe to Make a Shooting Saddle and Boat Push Pole

Two easy PVC projects for DIY hunters and anglers