How to Organize Gear with Overhead Storage

Use ceiling-mounted shelves to keep your outdoor gear organized and off the ground

well-built overhead storage system
A well-built overhead storage system can free up space in your garage, shed, or storage closets.Fleximounts

Where and how to store equipment is an issue that all sportsmen face at some point or another. Too many toys with not enough room can lead to disheveled mounds of recreational gear and clothing and difficulty finding what you need when you need it. You don’t have to go all Marie Kondo to get organized. But a little tidying up can go a long way, and overhead storage racks are the perfect accessory to help get your sporting house in order.

Conserve Floor Space

Overhead bin for garage
A solid overhead rack can hold anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds.MonsterRax

By tapping into the ceiling joists or roof rafters of your garage or basement, drop-down storage racks offer a perfect solution to getting gear off the floor. Made of steel, they normally hold anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds or more, depending on the size of the unit and the number of joist connections.

Bin Storage

Overhead bin for garage
Install your overhead storage before you buy bins so you know how large and how many you can fit.HyLoft

Overhead storage racks are perfect for making the most of commercial storage bins. Just make sure you have enough drop on the vertical members to accommodate whatever bins you are using. Overhead storage racks usually have a mesh or wire-rack bottom, from which you can suspend other items, such as bicycles, tools, or lawn equipment.

Adjustable Height

Overhead bin for garage
Consider a rack with adjustable legs if you’re mounting it on a sloped ceiling.Amazon

Adjustable struts are important not only for customizing the height at which you want to store items, but also for mounting on sloped rafters, where one set of struts has to be longer than the other.