A personal camp mug is one of those bits of gear that gets ingrained in our outdoor psyche. It’s there to greet us with the morning joe, warm us around a campfire at night, and toast hunting buddies when the meat pole begins to fill. There are a lot of options and styles to choose from, but the best mug is whichever one you will choose to pull from the chuck box or backpack every time you pitch camp. It’s the mug with your fingerprints on it, and some good memories in it. If you’re looking for a new or replacement mug for camping, here are a few things to consider.


An insulated mug is ideal for sipping a hot drink in cold weather. GSI Outdoors

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For cold-weather camping, you can’t beat an insulated mug. There are two basic styles to choose from: those that incorporate some sort of insulating layer, such as neoprene, and those with vacuum-sealed, double walls. Just bear in mind that the latter cannot be warmed next to a fire or over a grate.


There’s nothing better than drinking a little camp coffee from one of your own personal mugs. GSI Outdoors

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If you just want a cup for tea or coffee in the morning, or even a couple of fingers of sippin’ whiskey at night, enamelware has the look, weight, and feel of classic camp drinkware. For those who are watching pack weight, a Titanium mug is the best way to go. They are expensive, but worth every lost ounce. As long as they are single-walled, you can warm any of these next to a fire or atop a single-burner pack stove.


Lightweight and collapsible, a packable mug is ideal for backcountry travel. ME.FAN

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When space is at a premium or if you are traveling ultralight, a collapsible cup will keep you somewhat civilized without taking up much room. They’re usually made of silicon, which is BPA-free and heat-resistant, so you won’t scald your lips first thing in the morning.