waterproof phone case
A waterproof bag will keep your smartphone dry, and the trapped air inside might also help prevent it from sinking. Hiearcool

Smartphones have become so indispensable that we tend to take them everywhere. That exposes our valuable electronics to all manner of outdoor elements, especially moisture. There are plenty of waterproof cases on the market for every model of smartphone, but they are expensive. If you prefer your everyday designer case yet still need extra protection for the lake, river, or beach, the most affordable option is a universal waterproof pouch or dry bag. In addition to sheltering your phone, a small dry bag is also useful for storing a passport, wallet, cash, or credit cards. Here’s what to look for in a universal smartphone dry bag.

Size Matters

Make sure a waterproof bag is large enough to hold your phone an anything else you plan to keep inside before you buy. Amazon

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Despite the fact that most waterproof phone pouches are marketed as universal, many are specific to certain categories or size ranges of phone. Read the product specifications carefully to make sure the bag will accommodate your phone and its everyday case.

Run a Test

Test any waterproof container to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do before you slip your phone inside. Amazon

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Before committing your expensive phone to the briny depths or torrential rains, run a waterproofing tested. Seal up some tissue paper or other absorbent material in the case and submerge it for thirty minutes or so to verify that the seal and the case itself are both performing as advertised.

Be Realistic

Keeping your phone in a waterproof container likely means you can’t use it, but that’s still better than paying for the cost of a replacement smartphone. Amazon

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While a smartphone is fully functional in a clear dry bag, there may be some loss of sensitivity to the touch functions. Photography and video quality could also slightly suffer. But any degradation of smartphone imagery will be unnoticeable in the bright light savings between the cost of an expensive waterproof hardcase and a thrifty universal pouch.