Sears Outdoor Life shirt
Sears Outdoor Life shirt.

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You’ve done it again. You’ve squandered those precious gift-buying weeks between Black Friday and Christmas, and now you have a list that you’ve checked twice, thrice, with growing anxiety.

I have the same list, but these last-minute gift ideas are as easy to buy as they are to check off.

HydraPak Stash Bottle


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The days of hard-sided water bottles are mercifully over. If your pack isn’t equipped with a bladder pocket, consider this cross-over product){rel=nofollow}. The 1-liter collapsible bottle is tough as hide, doesn’t taste like plastic (or hide), and it shrinks down to the size of a hockey puck when empty, saving valuable space in your pack. ($18 and $23)

Sears Plaid Outdoor Life Shirt

Sears Outdoor Life shirt
Sears Outdoor Life shirt

Old-school. That’s the best way to describe this brushed flannel shirt in a classic pattern. An even better part: it wears Outdoor Life’s brand. The long-sleeve shirt comes in a variety of good-looking patterns, and the best part is that it retails for $50 but we found it on sale for $20. At that price, buy two or three. ($20)

ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

Just the basics. That’s the appeal of this e-caller that features 24 common wildlife calls, two animated decoys that you can place near the caller, and a 300-yard range remote control. The one non-basic feature is that the decoy unit has an LED light that will illuminate the decoy, a fun feature for nighttime predator hunting. ($160)

Igloo Sportsman 55 Cooler

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Who doesn’t need a hard-wearing cooler? For about half the price of some other coolers in the rotomolded category, this 55-quart cooler features a lockable lid, anti-skid feet, and oversized drain plug, certified “bear resistant” rubberized lid latches, and a gasketed lid to keep the cold inside. ($250)

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Shirts

public land owner shirt
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers shirt BCHAA

You should join this great conservation group because they are advocating for public access to wild places, and because members are hard-core hunters and fishers. But their swag is pretty cool, too. My favorite shirt proclaims the wearer as a “Public Land Owner.” This one is pretty good, too, and hews pretty close to the ethic of Outdoor Life’s Open Country program: “Keep Public Land in Public Hands.” ($30)

Granite Gear’s Brule Backpack

Granite Gear

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When camouflage just won’t do — I know, I can’t think of very many places where camo doesn’t fit in, but college campuses might be one — you can at least take field-worthy gear that will hold up to abuse. This 34-liter backpack has a reinforced bottom and moisture resistant fabric, mesh hydration pockets, and adjustable compression straps. So while it’s designed for travelers and students, you will be tempted to make it into a field pack. ($60)

Cabela’s Harlan 30-Liter Waterproof Pack

Harlan backpack
Cabela’s Harlan waterproof pack

This is the other end of the backpack spectrum, a purpose-built piece of essential gear if you are a boater, a rainforest hunter, or anyone who will spend a good deal of time in a wet place. The 30-liter backpack features super-rugged denier fabric and one of the best zippers I’ve ever used. I put all my gear – cameras, phone, dry clothes – in this pack during a week of very soggy pike fishing in northern Saskatchewan. Nothing inside got wet, which is the whole point. ($180)

How to Hunt Everything by Andrew McKean

Outdoor Life

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This is essential reading for any hunter on your list. The coffee-table read is packed with stories and tips on hunting every species under the sun, from rabbits and deer in North America to every antelope species in Africa. Even crocs and ‘roos make the list. And it’s written by my favorite author, if I do say so myself. ($27.19)