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Once you set up, the whole game comes down to how you call and–more often than not–what you call with. All-weather calling is the ticket this season, as many companies are offering models that allow operation under any conditions.

1 WOODHAVEN CLUCK ‘N PURR POT In a truly innovative twist, the slate is set into two different-size plastic pots that create a baffled sound chamber. The call produces some of the throatiest, most realistic clucks and purrs around. ($30;

2 QUAKER BOY TYPHOON Combine Quaker Boy’s “curved lid technology” with the waterproof finish of last year’s Hurricane and you get the Typhoon. The curved lid increases the contact surface along the rails, ensuring easily produced, more consistent yelps, while the weatherproof coating eliminates the need for sanding or chalking. ($25;

3 M.A.D. HEAVY METAL BOX M.A.D.’s Heavy Metal Box Call is perhaps the first metal box call ever. The high-frequency sound chamber is formed using a black anodized aircraftgrade aluminum bottom and rails combined with polished-hardwood end blocks. The blocks are angled to provide different pitches from either side, and the underside of the walnut lid is coated to permit use even in the rain. ($25;

4 KNIGHT & HALE MINI JENNY The Mini Jenny, a waterproof, double-sided box, is a small call with big sound. One-piece construction adds to the call’s durability, while the compact size allows you to slip it into virtually any pocket. ($20;

5 WOODHAVEN COPPERHEAD II Made by the guys who’ve won the Grand National Calling Championships for the past several years, the Copperhead II is a triple-reed call that employs a mix of varied-thickness latex. The new “snake tongue combo cut” is great for high-pitched, raspy yelps. ($10;

6 PRIMOS WET BOX Primos’s all-weather box call, the Wet Box, is a compact, single-piece-construction wood box. The ergonomically shaped box and lid make for sure, consistent hand placement, which translates into consistent yelps and cutts. Each box is hand-tuned. ($25;

7 REDHEAD RTX SLATE For realistic calls, no call surface matches slate. Redhead’s RTX harkens to traditional quality with a purpleheart wood pot encasing a dense, American cherry soundboard. The set includes two strikers. ($40;

8 WOODS WISE SCREAMIN’ CRYSTAL The Screamin’ Crystal boasts two usable sides for calling, including the 3½-inch crystal top, which produces an ultra-high, 15,000-hertz pitch, and the 2 7/8-inch crystal bottom, used to make raspy yelps. Comes with a wooden Never-Skip Mystic Striker. ($29;