Montana Whitetail
John Joiner
October 2005 NE Montana
Whitetail net score 157 3/4. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Ole Miss Bruiser

My name is Jacob Coville IM 15 I shot this 18 point that grossed at 171 inches with my bow in Vicksburg, MS, I turned down a lot of small bucks this season without seeing what I really wanted, there was four days left of archery season my dad told me to hunt his stand. The buck came out 15 minutes after I sat down but didn’t offer me a shot.

Father/Daughter Buck

Attached is a few pictures of a Buck my dad, John Walters shot. He was in the stand when two doe’s walked by, he pulled back getting ready to shoot at the doe when out of the brush, a buck started chasing the doe. With his bow already pulled back, he shot at the doe and missed, the doe ran off and the buck stayed around for a few seconds just as my dad was drawing back his second arrow. The Buck started to walk away when the arrow cut right accross his chest and into his shoulder blade. The deer ran off with a limp leg and dropped about 75 yards from where my dads stand was set up. The buck weights around 200lbs, his neck was 27 and ahalf inches around.

Florida Antlers

I know this isn’t a huge deer for up North or out West but this buck was shot in Central/South Florida. The deer is a 12 point, 117 b& c, 165 lb. that was shot in Okkechobee, FL by Ray Timmons Jr. The buck was taken with 50. cal. CVA Kodiak muzzleloader at 30 yards. The deer was trailing a doe and feeding along a pasture between some oaks.
Ray Timmons Jr.

Iowa Deer

My name is Weston Hodge. I live and hunt just outside of Iowa City, IA. If it wasn’t for the cold front that blew through i probably wouldn’t have even been on stand. I shot this 12 point buck at 10 yards on Oct. 12 around 7:00 am.

Tall Rack

Hi there, i just recently downed my first archery whitetail on the 7th of November, 2006. Therefore, i am excited to let everybody else see what accomplishment i have finally achieved. This whitetail was chasing a doe, as it come by and stopped at 20 yds. He was 16’1/2″ inside spread with 11 inch G-2’s.
Nick Rossman


My Names Alex Fisher and I shot this 8 point buck on Nov. 3. The spread was 18.5 inside and weighted 185 pounds field dressed.

Idaho Buck

Me and my dad went out on opening day of Idaho deer season and saw a few does from the road and followed them over a hill and couldn’t find them as I was leaving I turned around to see where my dad was, as I turned I spotted this buck at 30 yards standing behind a sage bush with a well placed offhand shot I smacked his vitals, he fell right in his tracks. 4×4 230 pounds.

Girl’s First Hunt

On October 7, 2007 my daughter Brittney Young shot this 5 x 4 mule deer in Idaho. She made a perfect shot at about 80 yards using a Ruger .243 with a 95 grain nosler bullet. To say she was excited would be an understatement since this was the first time she could hunt after completing hunters ed earlier this year. I think that beginners luck had something to do with it since we only had to walk about 50 yards to take a shot.

Son’s First Buck

Hi this is my boy Jake Moen’s first buck. He is 12 years old. This 8 point was taken in Howell MI. He used a 20 gauge pump the shot was 35 yrds during the youth firearm hunt in our backyard. .

Montana Muley

Dave Zipay
October 2005 NE Montana Mule Deer
Tikka T2 Lite 300 WSM
Schmidt & Bender 2.5 x 10 x 56

Montana Muley

Dave Zipay
October 2005 NE Montana Mule Deer
Tikka T2 Lite 300 WSM
Schmidt & Bender 2.5 x 10 x 56

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