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LimbSaver Recoil Pad

The mule-like kick of a muzzleloader has met its match with the LimbSaver series of recoil pads. LimbSaver pads absorb shock and vibration using an innovative material that actually displaces force to protect the shooter. It’s a great way to customize guns for women and young shooters and a sure cure for flinching. You can fit your muzzleloader with recoil pads from the Precision Fit, Slip-On and Grind-To-Fit series of pads. (From $25; limbsaver.com)

Powerbelt Speedclip

Although it’s named after the popular Powerbelt bullet, this clip works for any load and has ample room for a three-pellet charge. Three see-through tubes fit snugly into a flexible rubber handle, which also has indentations to securely hold four 209 primers. The flexible handle includes a belt loop and a lanyard loop hole. ($8.95; powerbeltbullets.com)

Thompson/Center Rugged Range Rod

Some company-supplied ramrods have the tensile strength of the beach weakling. For a rod ready to handle any muscle, turn to the Rugged Range Rod from Thompson/Center. This 32-inch rod manufactured from solid aluminum stock features an anodized outer coating, a stout polymer “palm-saver” knob and threads to attach most standard 10×32 accessories. You won’t think twice about firmly seating projectiles into your muzzleloader. ($23; tcarms.com) Hunter’s Specialties Quik-Shot Shooting Sticks
Muzzleloader hunters like traditional-looking accessories, and Hunter’s Specialties offers nostalgia in its Quik-Shot shooting sticks. The sturdy oak legs of the shooting sticks have sharpened ends to seat firmly into the soil for one-shot success while kneeling or sitting. A rubber loop connects the two sticks at the top, offering a ring to grip the firearm without marring the finish. ($20; hunterspec.com)

Cabela’s SKB Dry-Tek Possibles Bag

Muzzleloader hunters like to carry everything but the kitchen sink, and the SKB Dry-Tek Possibles Bag provides them with a waterproof tote with generous storage room. A hardy, 600-denier shell combined with SKB’s Dry-Tek membrane protects powder from moisture contamination. Two layers of padding, two large storage areas, speed-loader straps and an adjustable shoulder strap make this a must-have item. ($25; cabelas.com)
CVA 4-In-1 T-Loader
For the hunter who likes Swiss Army knife””style products, the 4-in-1 T-Loader offers a powder measure, two-compartment speed loader, bullet starter and ramrod palm saver all in one compact tool. Constructed of clear, enduring Lexan, the T-Loader has a pen-style clip for breast-pocket convenience. ($6.25; cva.com) Outdoor Life Online Editor
Muzzleloader hunters dread moisture. The Muzzleloader Dry Box from MTM Case-Gard will help ease that paranoia. Constructed of resilient polypropylene, the dry box features an O-ring for a weather-resistant seal. A lift-out tray with five compartments sits atop the large interior section. A heavy-duty latch with padlock tabs provides added assurance that items are secure. ($17; mtmcase-gard.com)

CVA Trophy Bullet Starter

Since muzzleloader bullet designs change faster than the price of gas, you’ll need to update your old-fashioned ball starter. (Older models sometimes damage the polymer points used on modern muzzleloader bullets.) The Trophy Bullet Starter offers recesses on both a short and long end to fit over the majority of new bullets without damaging tips. Constructed of durable, nonabrasive and nonglare polymer, the starter is a welcome addition to any possibles bag. ($4.25; cva.com)


This jag outperforms any product from the major companies through a simple concept: The jag itself rotates to follow the rifling. A rear bore guide keeps the tool in alignment while centering the bullet perfectly in the bore. Spinjag fits nearly all bullets with its deep recess in the nose. Plus it doubles as a cleaning tool, as it twists with the patch to reduce binding. ($15; spinjag.com)

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