New State-Record Washington Bull?

While the elk rut intensifies around the West this week, at least one massive bull won't be participating. We're chasing down the rumor that this huge non-typical bull was killed early in the month in Washington State.Outdoor Life Online Editor
If it is confirmed, this 9x10 bull would be the Evergreen State's new record elk. According to sources, it green-scores 449 gross and 436 net as a non-typical. It was reportedly shot Sept. 3, 2008 in eastern Washington by rifle hunter Dan Agnew.Outdoor Life Online Editor
No word of the exact district where the bull roamed, but it's a good bet this is the southeastern corner of the state, the Blue Mountains that share similar topography and genetics with another trophy-elk area, the Wallowa Mountains across the border in Oregon. If this score holds up, this would be the biggest bull from the Northwest and potentially would break into the top 10 non-typical Rocky Mountain elk ever shot.Outdoor Life Online Editor
The current Washington record elk is a 421 7/8 bull shot by bowhunter Jeff Thorpe in 2003. That elk, of course, would still own the archery record. Agnew's bull would set the new all-time record, if details are confirmed and the rack is measured after the mandatory 60-day drying period.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Agnew, incidentally, is no stranger to the record book. He currently holds the No. 7 all-time non-typical bull and the No. 21 all-time typical bull. Both came from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.Outdoor Life Online Editor

Giant bull may be the new No. 1. By Andrew McKean.