LONE WOLF HARSEY T2 RANGER If you appreciate the finely figured wood on the stock of your favorite rifle, why be any less picky about the handle of your knife? Lone Wolf's new T2 Ranger is a high-tech folder that comes with drop-dead-gorgeous grips made from either cocobolo or French walnut (pictured). The 3.9-inch blade will handle all hunting-related chores with aplomb, and the Titanium liners keep the knife's weight to a svelte 4.2 ounces. ($200; 503-431-6777;

SHIMANO STELLA/G.LOOMIS COMBO In its new incarnation, the Shimano Stella series is fast becoming the high-end standard in spinning reels. In hand they simply shout quality. The 2500 model holds 150 yards of 10-pound-test mono, making it ideal for nearly anything in fresh water and most inshore saltwater angling. Match it with G. Loomis's travel spin rod (model PR844-3S) and you'll be ready for permit, snook and even small tarpon. (Rod: $425; 800-456-6647;; Reel: $500; 949-951-5003;

CANON 15X50 IS BINOCULAR Trying to keep a high-power binocular steady on a fishing boat is a thankless task. Enter Canon's image stabilization (IS) technology, which manipulates the lenses with electronic sensors to keep the image from jumping about. Two AA batteries give the sensors 2 1/2 hours of running time, but you can use the binocular with the power off, too. The center-focus binocular is water resistant and has a rubber coating. ($1,300; 800-652-2666;

SIMMS RIVERTEK WADERS In either boot or stocking-foot models, the new RiverTeks are some of the most user-friendly waders on the market. They're breathable, and for warmer weather or shallow wading, the chest section rolls down, morphing the product into a pant wader. The stocking-foot model has built-in gravel guards. (From $280; 406-585-3557;

NOSLER CUSTOM .300 WSM Nosler is entering the rifle market with a limited run of 500 rifles chambered in the popular .300 WSM. The rifles have match-grade barrels and fancy walnut stocks. Each comes topped with a Leupold scope. ($3,995; 800-285-3701;