Indexed Multistep Eyecups: The twist-up eyecups on Brunton's Epoch 8--15x35 Zoom binocular are indexed to show the eye relief in millimeters at various locking positions.

Convenient Reticle Illuminator: The removable battery/rheostat housing for Swarovski's BE 4 Digital Illuminated Reticle conveniently attaches to the threads on the scope's elevation-adjustment turret.

Battery-Free Illumination: In place of batteries, Trijicon uses a fiber-optic light collector and tritium to illuminate the reticles in its AccuPoint riflescopes. The automatically adjusted brightness levels can be overridden by rotating an unobtrusive metal cover that controls the amount of light reaching the fiber optics.

Low-Profile Scope Mounting: The crescent-shaped cutout in the objective bell of Leupold's VX-L riflescopes allows heretofore impossible low mounting of scopes with oversize light-gathering lenses. So you get maximum brightness with minimum obtrusiveness.