Big Boomers

Browning BPS Mossy Oak Shadow Grass

This composite pump shotgun features a Dura-Toucharmor finish and Shadow Grass camouflaging, which will keep you that much morehidden in the marsh. The bottom loading and ejection design and thumb-operatedtop-tang safety make the gun suitable for righties or lefties. The magazine canbe chambered for 3- or 3½-inch shells (with 26-inch or 28-inch barrel length,respectively). The gun is available in 10- or 12-gauge. ($688; 800-333-3288;

Mossberg 935 Magnum Autoloader

There's a reason this semi-auto from Mossberg wasgiven OL's 2004 Great Buy award. It's a durable gun that throws hard-hittingloads and sports a very attractive price tag. The 935 is chambered for 3½-inchshells and is available in four finishes: black matte, Mossy Oak Break-Up,Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Advantage Max-4. The Flyway Series model (pictured)comes with a padded sling, an embossed logo and X-Factor portedimproved-cylinder and modified choke tubes. ($565-$674; 800-363-3555;

Braggin' Board

Westerners show off their trophies


Wilson took his 170-class whitetail at a coworker'sdeer camp in Mississippi.


Albrich was scheduled for hip surgery when shereturned from her hunt in Oregon's Ft. Rock unit, and could not walk. Luckilythis 25-inch-wide muley walked up on her.