True Tales


Police in Vitebsk, Belarus, took refuge in a patrol car when a 1,000-pound Eurasian brown bear approached from nearby woods as they stood outside the police station. The bear sat on top of the car for nearly an hour, trapping the officers inside and presumably evaluating their table qualities. Lacking a can opener, it then entered the police station and ate all of their sack lunches.

The officers escaped unharmed when the satiated bear wandered back into the woods. --Don Zaidle


What is gray, weighs 6 tons, and hates chainsaws? An Indonesian forest ranger, that's what.

Twenty-eight elephants trained to attack when they hear a chainsaw are helping rangers stamp out illegal logging on the island of Sumatra. The Nature Conservation Agency of North Bengkulu reports significant declines in timber poaching in areas the Jumbos patrol. The Jakarta Post paraphrased agency honcho Agus Priambidu, saying: "Most of the time, illegal loggers run away when they see an elephant coming straight at them." Conservationists estimate illegal logging accounts for up to 70 percent of Indonesia's annual timber exports. --D.Z.

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