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Sometimes the best bargains in our sport are just a label away. For example, two new rod series, one from Bass Pro Shops and the other from Cabela's, being sold for inshore saltwater fishing are also great for a variety of freshwater techniques. And the best part is, you don't have to pay high-end, technique-specific rod prices for these rods.

Manufacturer/Model Bass Pro Shops Gold Cup Inshore (800-227-7776;

Models 5 Casting, 3 Spinning

Lengths/Pieces 7 ft. to 7 1/2 ft./1 pc.

Line/Lure Ratings 8-30/1/4 to 3 oz.

Cost $49.99

Comments The Gold Cup series has flexible response that is easy to cast one-handed for long periods. These rods are accurate but some are overrated in lure weight.

[Manufacturer/Model] Cabela's Salt Striker Inshore (800-237-4444;

[Models] 7 Casting, 8 Spinning

[Lengths/Pieces] 6 1/2 to 7 3/4 ft./1 pc. (One 2-pc. is available)

[Line/Lure Ratings] 10-40/1/4 to 4 oz.

[Cost] $79.99

[Comments] The Salt Striker series has a stiff, fast action. It pitches very well and blasts out crankbaits. Though not as supple as the Bass Pro series, the Salt Strikers casted farther.

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