Big Bucks

This buck was allegedly shot in Iowa. As with all photos we receive, we take them with a grain of salt (you never know what has been digitally altered). But assuming it's legit, all we can say is "Wow!" Cick "next" to see all the pics!Outdoor Life Online Editor
What's your guess at what this monster buck would score?Outdoor Life Online Editor
If you think this one is great, check out the next stunner from Texas.Outdoor Life Online Editor
We received this one via e-mail the same day. It was allegedly shot south of Junction, Texas, on a low fence ranch.Outdoor Life Online Editor
We were told the hunter's lease is 12 acres, and that he had been seeing this buck feed extensively for over three years.Outdoor Life Online Editor
This buck has 22 scoreable points but has not been officially scored. What would your guess be?Outdoor Life Online Editor
What a rack!Outdoor Life Online Editor

We got photos of two amazing bucks in our Inbox today...and we can't believe our eyes!