Hunting Photos

Nick Meyer from Barneveld, WI shot this turkey, which came in at 25 pounds, 1 1/4 spurs, 10 1/2 inch beardOutdoor Life Online Editor
Natalie Nowers and her teal duck- her prize from her very first duck hunting trip!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ed Miller from Ohio sent in a shot of him and his buck after returning from a wintry hunt.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Candy Wilhite from RoseBud, AR shot her first buck in November 2007. Congratulations!Outdoor Life Online Editor
While hunting in East Fishkill, N.Y., Scott Welch shot this buck, which had evidently been carrying this headgear for sometime. It took about 20 minutes to remove the black silt fence from the deer's antlers.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tim Leiby's daughter got her first deer this year!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kim Patterson scored this 10 point buck December 2007 in Marquand, MO. It was a 10 point buck and Kim's first bow kill!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kiel Midtlyng shot this mule deer buck with a 30-06 in 2006; he measured 19 inches tall.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Dan Pate hunts in the Winthrop/Twisp area of Washington. Dan shared an awesome story with us about his love of hunting, before and after his car accident which left him paralyzed. "I was injured in a car accident in Feb. of 1991. As a result I broke my neck, leaving me paralyzed as a C 4/5 quadriplegic (paralyzed from the upper chest down). However, I've overcome a great deal with wonderful support from my family and friends along with the strive to survive. I write to you as an avid hunter before and after my accident. About seven years ago, I designed a bit trigger device and chair mount for my Remington 270 semiautomatic rifle. After many times at the rifle range I dialed in my devices and took it on my family hunting trip. The very first year I took a 2 point mule deer at an amazing 435 yards. I sat in my pop up blind in a farmers field and cried with my family. As any true hunter knows the harvesting of a deer is a gift, and a gift it was."Outdoor Life Online Editor
Nathan Dahlstrom, here with his father, shot this mule deer in West Texas.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Richard Yarborough shot this 10-pointer on public land in Kansas.Outdoor Life Online Editor
This elk was seen in Estes Park, CO in Rocky Mountain National Park. The photo was taken by Roger Lindsey of Weatherford, TX.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Dallas Whitfield, 14, shot her first buck while hunting in Gray County, TX in December 2007. She'll be sure to remember this 8-point buck!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Doyle Whitfield (grandfather of Dallas Whitfield) shot this 12-point buck in Gray County, TX.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Glen Whitfield (father of Dallas, and son of Doyle) took this 11-point buck on November 13, 2007. It seems good hunting is genetic in the Whitfield clan!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Gilberto B. Gaspar was hunting in Tocantins, Brazil in July 2007 when he shot this water buffalo.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Gilberto B. Gaspar tops our list again with this swamp deer. Gilberto snagged this trophy in December 2007 in Chaco Paraguayo, Paraguay.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Myles Eklund scored this 10 point buck in Oklahoma.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Bobby Thomas, 19, and Josh Lippard, 13, snagged these 5 ducks in Rowan County, NC during the winter of 2007.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Casey Pousson of Iota, LA too this 14 point buck on November 11, 2007 in Clinton County, MO. The buck had a typical score of 173 1/8.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Todd Creel took this 10-point buck, 140 class in Rehoboth, MA.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tom Buckroyd poses for a picture with his awesome buck.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mike Swann takes a picutre to commemorate catching this white tail deer, 150 class.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ronnie Kidd took this white deer outside of Concord, VA.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Timmy Leary, 13, celebrates his first buck on September 22, 2007 in Mountain Ranch, CA.Outdoor Life Online Editor

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