Who Is Sarah Palin?

She tried to sell a jet on eBay In 2006 Sarah Palin tried to sell the Westwind II jet that had previously been bought by the hugely unpopular incumbent, Frank Murkowski. Initially Palin listed the jet for sale on eBay. Undaunted after three unsuccessful attempts to sell the jet, she sold it through a broker for $2.1 million, at a loss of only half a million dollars.Outdoor Life Online Editor
She was a star on the basketball court As co-captain her senior year, Sarah Palin (#22) was a point guard who made the final free throw that won the Wasilla Warriors their first Alaska state championship.Outdoor Life Online Editor
God Bless Sarah Palin In high school, Sarah Palin was the head of Wasilla's Fellowship of Christian Atheletes. You can see why she was the leader of the group... here she is with her many sports awards!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Oh yeah, and she was a beauty queen In 1984, she was crowned Miss Wasilla and she was runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant later that year. She didn't go home empty-handed, however, having been named Miss Congeniality.Outdoor Life Online Editor
She's the outdoors type! By now everyone knows that Sarah Palin loves to hunt caribou, and that her favorite comfort food is moose stew. But did you know that she's also an angler? Here she is on one of her recent fishing trips.Outdoor Life Online Editor
She knows how to decorate a governer's office Sarah Palin's office is decorated with furs and rugs of all kinds. Her father shot the bear that is now the bear skin rug in her office. Looks like hunting runs in the family!Outdoor Life Online Editor
She was in Vogue magazine Before John McCain announced her as his running mate, Sarah Palin appeared in a spread for Vogue magazine in February 2008. She's been declared "America's Hottest Governer" by Alaska magazine.Outdoor Life Online Editor
She believes in the right to keep and bear arms She's a lifelong member of the NRA. That's good enough for us!Outdoor Life Online Editor

Well, we know that Sarah Palin is John McCain's pick for his Vice Presidential running mate. But what do you really know about her? We asked around and found out these fun facts on Alaska's first female governer.