Simple Tips for Better Waterfowling

Duck caller reeds sometimes freeze or stick in frigid weather. Prevent gum-ups by using a product that's made to deter rain, snow and ice buildup on windshields. A few drops rubbed on the reed with a cloth make the reed less likely to stick in the heat of a cold-weather hunt.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Make dirty decoys look as good as new by hanging them on a fence, spraying with automobile tire cleaner solution and allowing to dry overnight. In the morning, the original colors will be brighter and easier for ducks to see.Outdoor Life Online Editor
When hunting clear water, kick with your feet to muddy the area around your decoys. Duck activity creates muddy water, and a muddy zone in an area of clear water attracts the attention of ducks overhead.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Forgot your choke tube wrench? In a pinch, a quarter makes an effective 12-gauge wrench, and a dime can loosen or tighten a 20-gauge choke tube.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Are you really a good caller? Record yourself on a small tape player and find out. Listen for weaknesses in your repertoire, then practice to improve them.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Realistic flags and kites are great for drawing the attention of snow geese to your decoy spread, but a 13-gallon white trash bag tied to a long pole works just as well.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Need an easy way to move several dozen decoys from your clubhouse to your field-hunting blind? Try using a garbage can on wheels. A commercial can will hold two to three dozen standard duck decoys.Outdoor Life Online Editor
If you don't have a retrieving dog and you're hunting a pond or stream too deep for wading, carry a casting rod and floating plug. You can cast to fallen ducks, hook and retrieve them.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Placing a few crow decoys to one side of a field spread for geese can increase your hunting success. These "confidence" decoys help lessen the wariness of geese by making the spread appear more lifelike.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Your buddies may laugh, but if you hope to bag a special duck to have mounted by the taxidermist, snip one leg from a pair of panty hose and keep it in your pocket. After you kill the bird, rinse blood from its feathers, then place the duck head-first in the panty hose. This keeps all feathers in place so you get a nicer mount.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Use a wine-bottle cork to camouflage your face when duck hunting. Singe the end of the cork with a lighter, and then rub the black residue on your face.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Plucking waterfowl is easier if you wear a rubber thimble of the kind used by bank tellers for counting currency.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Prescription drug containers with child-proof caps make handy storage containers for choke tubes.Outdoor Life Online Editor
If your new hunting dog pup is chewing up everything in camp, try spraying boots, leashes and other chewables with diluted lemon juice. The sour flavor should end your pup's bad behavior.Outdoor Life Online Editor
A little Vaseline rubbed on the heads of your drake decoys helps repel dirt and water and adds extra sheen that is far more attractive to "lookers."Outdoor Life Online Editor
When ducks are flying toward you, it's best not to call. Old-timers have a saying: "Call only to tips and tails." That is, do your calling when you can see one wingtip and the tail, or both wings and the tail. The duck won't be looking your way then, so it's safe to blow the call.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Do you have trouble remembering when shooting time starts and ends? Set your cell phone on vibrate so it will alert you at exactly the right times.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Display the waterfowl bands you collect on a personalized lanyard. Colored nylon cord can be braided to make a handsome holder you wear around your neck with your calls.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Take a portable stove to your blind and treat your duck-hunting buddies to a hot meal on a cold day. Carry the fixings in sealable plastic containers. When hunting is slow, good food can still make a memorable day.Outdoor Life Online Editor

Want to improve your waterfowling success and make all your hunting trips more enjoyable? These tips could help.