Elk on the Brain

It was Oregon's opening day of elk season and I had just dropped a nice bull with a shot behind the left ear. Using an ATV, I began to drag it out.Outdoor Life Online Editor
While climbing a hill, my ATV hit a log and flipped over... throwing me onto the bull.Outdoor Life Online Editor
I couldn't get up! My hunting buddy told me that I had landed on the eye guard and it had pierced my skull!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Working together, we pulled my head from the tine. With blood pouring from the wound, I cut off the trophy antlers and made for the hospital.Outdoor Life Online Editor
That bull avenged his death: I received 12 staples and 8 stitches for the 9-inch gash behind my left ear.Outdoor Life Online Editor

This Happened To Me by Rick Fischer, Enterprise, OR.