Our Favorite Summer Brews

Sam Adams Summer Ale has a zesty lemon kick to it. However, the flat yellow color of the brew leaves something to be desired. Lucky for us the beer tastes a whole lot better than it looks... a definite staple for summer!Outdoor Life Online Editor
This California beer has a bite of hops at the end, but not one that overpowers the flavor of the beer itself. The taste is smooth, crisp and clean-- a natural choice for summer. Anchor Steam also makes a delicious wheat brew only available in the summer months.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Brooklyn lager has a strong smell of floral hops and they seem to dominate the palate, leaving a slightly bitter taste. The lager poured a light amber color with white head. Best when enjoyed on a warm summer night.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Nice head with a typical cloudy color. Best enjoyed in a glass with a slice of orange-- fruit hints are definitely present with this brew. A great beer to have with grilled summer foods.Outdoor Life Online Editor
OK, so it's thin and sudsy. But it's also cheap, reliable, and as one reviewer put it, "I can drink 20 of these at the beach and feel just fine."Outdoor Life Online Editor
A definite grassy and citrusy taste. A smooth mouthfeel, not overly carbonated. A good beer for summer, although it does fill you up after a few.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Like Bud Light, Corona is easy to drink while you're out in the sun. It probably won't do too much for you come fall... but 'til Labor Day, grab your friends, a 30 rack and start the fiesta!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tastes crisp, clean, and refreshing. Grapefruit tones with a light to medium body and a good amount of carbonation. A definite thirst quencher for the dog days of summer.Outdoor Life Online Editor
It's crisp and clean, but does have some body to it. Refreshing on a humid night when Negra Modelo is too heavy.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Poured a nice deep golden color with a beige froth head. A good, solid pale ale for summer.Outdoor Life Online Editor
It is what the label claims-- obviously blackberry, maybe even some raspberry and strawberry. At first it seems like something you wouldn't necessarily drink, but it's incredibly refreshing- almost like a spritzer. Try this on a hot and dry Labor Day weekend.Outdoor Life Online Editor

Outdoor Life staff samples and reviews each of our favorite summer brews. Add your own!