Trigger Man

Now I’ve had the misfortune to live in and around New York City for a good chunk of my adult life and have had to do some pretty intensive travel to get to decent hunting spots. But Wilmington? (Motto: “A place to be somebody.”) For a day trip? That starts at 7:04 a.m.? What are these guys hunting for—Bud Light empties so they can score the nickel deposit?

A quick look at the trailer reveals a couple problems right off the bat. First, the actors are carrying rifles and the last time I checked the only long guns you can hunt with in Delaware are muzzleloaders and shotguns. (Though there is a provision to use primitive single-shot blackpowder rifles—antiques and reproductions—as long as they’re shooting patched bullets.) Two, they’re clearly hunting out of season, stalking through the woods during the height of the summer foliage. (The slug gun season in Delaware kicks off Nov. 9 this year for those who are interested.) At least they were wearing the required hunter orange.

Perhaps this morality tale is really an anti-poaching message. Or maybe our sport has once again been misunderstood, misinterpreted and butchered by the creative types on movie sets.

John Snow