Write Your Own Gun Law!

Today’s challenge is to come up with ideas for “reasonable” gun control. We know that anti-gunners are always braying about the need for “reasonable” restrictions on our firearms in order to create a crime-free society. Restrictions like getting rid of those nasty barrel shrouds, those nasty .50 caliber projectiles, those nasty Saturday Night Specials, those nasty…well, you get the point.

The inspiration for this exercise is this post over at Of Arms & The Law about the alarm over the muzzleloader "loophole" in New York State.

Here are my two suggestions:

In the spirit of recent news out of California, I vote for mandatory micro-stamping on all bullet molds. You know, to track crooks who like to "roll their own." (Lee Precision, I'm putting you on notice!)

My other proposal is for mandatory tattooing of all gun owners. This law would require that we put the serial numbers of all our guns on our forearms. This regulation should appeal to history buffs.

What other “reasonable” gun laws should we put on the books? Your turn.

John Snow