Thoughts on Ron Paul

Dave Kopel offers his opinions on the viability of Ron Paul's candidacy after hearing him speak at the Second Amendment Foundation's annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Kopel, who has been following Paul’s career for many years, says this candidate has developed into a formidable politician:

The difference between Paul as a speaker in 1988 and in 2007 was startling. In 1988, he was perfectly competent. This time he was electrifying. In 1988, his campaign could do little more than leave some literature on a table. This time, he had volunteers to hand out literature, including (for the recipient audience) devastating material on Romney and Thompson. (Included among the materials distributed were Romney’s gubernatorial signing statement of the Massachusetts ban on so-called “assault weapons,” and a copy of Sen. Russ Feingold’s letter to Senator Thompson after the passage of McCain-Feingold, with Feingold’s handwritten thanks, claiming that the bill never could have passed without Thompson’s help.)

This could spell big trouble for Thompson, who has been adopted by many in the 2A community as the leading pro-gun candidate.

John Snow