Shotguns and Cats

Many Gun Shots readers commenting on the post Pick Your Gun said the firearm they'd like to sight down during a tiger charge is a shotgun loaded with buckshot.

While at one time a shotgun was thought to be a good choice when pursing a wounded leopard in heavy cover, nearly every Professional Hunter I’ve spoken with about this said they would choose a rifle over a shotgun without question.

Step up in size to a lion and I suspect the percentage of PH’s who’d pick a shotgun for this work would drop to zero.

Though the topic of tigers never specifically came up--after all, tigers charge hunters as often as Hillary Clinton practices double-taps--I seriously doubt any PH who wasn’t suicidal would willingly use a shotgun to bring down the world’s largest cat.

Joe Coogan, who has been a PH for 24 years, put it this way when asked about appropriate charge stoppers for dangerous game: “A shotgun is not the thing to use under any circumstances.”

John Snow