The Unfriendly Skies

My own experience flying Air Canada bears out the fact that the airline is staffed with a bunch of anti-gun nitwits. I’ve had the privilege of sitting on a plane about to depart for Prince George, B.C. while watching my rifle case—along with those of all other seven hunters on board—being unloaded from the cargo hold and dumped on the tarmac with no explanation given. No non-hunters had any baggage pulled off the plane.

Likewise, when coming home last year from a caribou hunt in the Northwest Territories I had a revealing, if somewhat bizarre, conversation with a woman behind the Air Canada counter. She was giving me and the other hunters in line an especially difficult time with our baggage when I said to her, “You don’t like hunters much, do you?” To which she replied, “Well, we are a peaceful people.” Given that she was clearly of Indian descent and, therefore, that her grandfather, if not her father, had survived in the tundra solely on account of their hunting skills, I could only shake my head in disbelief.

John Snow

Update: American Airlines has issued a statement saying that the company is working to figure out a way to allow the transportation of firearms into the UK in the near future. Those interested can see the newest statement here.