Dream On

For a chance to win the Weatherby Dream Hunt Contest, contestants need to go to WeatherbyDreamHunt.com for the official application form. Entrants must be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the United States. You need to include the species you would hunt, who would accompany you, where the hunt would take place, and why it's your dream hunt. The contest began September 15 and ends December 31, 2007.

The grand-prize winner will receive the hunt described in his or her entry as well as a Mark V Accumark or Ultra Lightweight rifle in their caliber of choice, a softside case, riflescope with mounts and a hunting journal.

Runner-up prizes include:

First Prize: 1 Mark V Accumark or Ultra Lightweight rifle

Second Prize: 3 Orion D'Italia II over/under shotguns

Third Prize: 5 Mark XXII rifles

Fourth Prize: 7 Vanguard Deluxe or Sub-Moa rifles

Fifth Prize: 10 Weatherby softside gun cases

Sixth Prize: 100 Weatherby-logo hunting journals

As someone who has judged many writing contests I can offer you one hard-won piece of advice, which, to Weatherby’s credit, is reflected on the entry form. “Speak from the heart.” This is not just about hanging horns on the wall—it’s about what makes our hearts beat faster when we encounter the wild world. An old hunter once told me a long time ago what he loved most about deer hunting: “watching a whitetail drift like smoke through a hardwood stand.” You bet.

Slaton White