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If you’re lookingto tangle with bass, trout or panfish this spring, these versatile rigs willget the job done. Whatever your fishing challenge, you can count on this tackleto deliver.

BASS BEST FOR: Detecting subtle bites in heavy cover

AIRRUS N-SYNCHAND SHIMANO CURADO The Airrus N-Synch ANSC 721M features a continuously wound blank that swellsinto a sensitive grip. Team it with a Shimano CU200DHSV that sucks in 30 inchesof line per crank, thanks to its 7:1 gear ratio, and you’ll be ready to haulmonster largemouth from heavy cover. (Rod: $226; 702-395-2173; Reel: $200; 949-951-5003 x3142; Tie On … TERMINATOR T-1 SPINNERBAIT A 1-ounce bait with the frame of a ½-ouncer. Gets deep without spooking fish.($8.99; 800-944-4766; terminator TROUT BEST FOR: All-around light freshwater duty

QUANTUM XPS RODAND REEL Quantum’s XPS701ML is a medium-light 7-foot rod for 1/8- to 3/8-ounce lures.It’s not an ultra-flexible stick like some trout rods, but it’ll handle down to4-pound-test line and you’ll be able to set a hook solidly with it. Quantum’sXtralite XPS 05 spinning reel is a perfect match. This reel holds 125 yards of4-pound-test line, has six bearings and a 5.2:1 gear ratio. (Rod, $50; reel,$40; 800-588-9030;

Tie On …WORDEN’S ROOSTER TAIL This 1950s vintage in-line spinner design is updated with new “flash”holographic colors. ($3.72; 509-854-1311; PANFISH BEST FOR: Fly rodders on a budget

ALBRIGHTYELLOWSTONE KIT Okay, calling this a panfish rig isn’t exactly correct. The AlbrightYellowstone Emergency Outfit will work just fine for trout and even lightsmallmouth fishing, too. It’s also a smart option to bring along as a backup incase your high-end fly rod loses an argument with the door of your pickup. Thekit includes a two-piece, 9-foot graphite rod and a die-cast disc-drag reel.You’ll need a 5- or 6-weight line for the rig, plus backing, of course. (Rodand reel, $69; 866-359-7335; Tie On … GAINES SNEAKY PETE This classic hard-bodied popper creates minimal surface commotion. It’s idealfor picky panfish. ($4.99 for two; 800-237-4444;