Elk hunter and horse in heavy snowfall About Mitch Kezar
At age eight, armed with his mother's Kodak Brownie, Mitch would stalk animals on his family's northern Minnesota farm, capturing them on film for 4-H photography projects. Today, Mitch is still shooting, primarily outdoors. Capitalizing on skills honed during a 15-year career as a photojournalist for major metropolitan newspapers, he works to create unforgettable images that tell stories and convey emotions. Twice-nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in spot news photography, Mitch has shot in the frigid depths of Lake Superior for National Geographic Magazine, trailed presidential candidates across the country for Time and Newsweek magazines, spent days in sub-zero temperatures shooting ads for snowmobiles, traveled with natives across Africa and ridden trains across China with peasants and their chickens - all for the perfect image. Today his work is heavily outdoor-sports related and he is a regular contributor to Outdoor Life and many other magazines and companies in the hunting and fishing industry. He is the owner of and a photographer for Windigo Images, a Minnetonka, Minnesota-based stock photo agency that specializes in hunting and fishing subjects. Interested in any of these pics? Contact: Mitch Kezar
Windigo Images
www.windigoimages.com. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Elk hunter and horse in heavy snowfall Outdoor Life Online Editor
A Federal .308 bullet goes through bulletproof glass in a research and development shot. This shot was done using six strobe lights, each timed with a very complex infra-red laser device and lots of testing. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Woman hunter tries to get a bead on rooster pheasant before her setter gets the chomp on it, Minnesota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Whitetail hunter and his quarry get out of the woods via canoe, Minnesota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Walleye fishermen celebrate early-season success on Mille Lacs, Minnesota. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Austen-Halleck flintlock muzzleloader and acoutrements, in studio Outdoor Life Online Editor
Photographer’s puppy Abby in a studio setting Outdoor Life Online Editor
Photographer Mitch Kezar buries his labrador retriever Lia after a 13-year love affair. Self portrait. She put up with me photographing her in every other situation in her life since she was 49 days old, her last day was another final tribute to her great spirit and life. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ellen, Rusty, and Rooster, Minnesota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Coyote hunter in snow, Minnesota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Photographers three labradors in “sleeping pose” on the living room rug, from left; Rusty, Abby, and Parker. These guys have to work for a living. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Deer hunter scopes it out, Platte River, Nebraska Outdoor Life Online Editor
Parker gets sent after a downed duck in heavy rain in Pennsylvania with friend Michael Kinn. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Parker and Rusty had a little visitor on the front porch. Very little. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Portrait of Mitch Kezar. Outdoor Life Online Editor
30-below wind chills didn’t stop Dale Sprouse, the photograhers’ son Ben Kezar, and labs Rusty and Parker in Western North Dakota. Outdoor Life Online Editor
North Dakota Cabin, Josh Norland and Ben Kezar check out a rooster before cleaning birds, while Dale Sprouse, Parker, and Rusty catch a few winks. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Stephanie Gamble and Nick Kezar rejoice over a redfish, Florida’s east coast salt flats. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Nick Kezar gets a gun cleaning lesson from grandpa Dennis at a hand-hewn cabin the senior Kezar built in northern minnesota. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mark Palas gives a coyote howl in a snow-ghillie suit, North Dakota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mark Palas fires a flintlock just before dark, Wyoming Outdoor Life Online Editor
Neil Mcgahee and Parker head for the truck, a 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser, Western North Dakota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Young fisherman amuses parker the labrador retriever on the dock, Minnesota Outdoor Life Online Editor
Elk hunters share tales just after a day’s hunt, Montana Outdoor Life Online Editor
Elk hunters share tales just after a day’s hunt, Montana Outdoor Life Online Editor

One of Outdoor Life’s most regular photo contributors put together this gallery of his work for our web site. Check out 24 of the Minnesota-based photographer’s great images here.