Winchester Long Beard XR $19-$23; Put simply, Winchester's Shot-Lok Technology involves placing shot pellets into liquid resin, which occupies air space before hardening. When you pull the trigger, the shot is charged and the resin fractures, providing micro-buffering without deformation. The result: truer, on-target pellet counts, even out to 60 yards—and it's a forgiving load if you misjudge 40. And look for the new Long Beard XR Magnum for 2015 spring turkey season.

Cooking Across Turkey Country

Cooking Across Turkey Country $25; Edited by the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Karen Lee, “Cooking Across Turkey Country” (Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.) is a spiral-bound, hardcover cookbook with more than 200 recipes from NWTF members, friends—and more than a few celebrities—in an easy-to-follow format. Wild turkey, venison and other wild dish photos, plus desserts and even drinks, add to the appeal. Everyone from Quaker Boy’s Ernie Calandrelli to Michael Waddell contributed to the book.

Scott Basehore Scratch Box

Scott Basehore Scratch Box From $35; Affordable and small enough to carry in a shirt or vest pocket, available scratch box woods include poplar, mahogany, cedar, butternut and walnut, with occasional exotic wood options. Basehore is also a carpenter by trade, as well as a hunting guide, so count on a call with plenty of turkeys in it. Scratch boxes in particular are great for gobbler yelping during spring or fall hunts.

Primos Hook Up Box Call

Primos Hook Up Box Call $43; The magnetic hinge design on the Hook Up holds the paddle in place each time, adding to your calling consistency. Like to run-and-gun gobblers? The paddle detaches and can be stored for a
quiet carry.

Avian-X LCD Decoys

Avian-X LCD Decoys From $79; Use a single hen decoy to give tough gobblers a visual on the soft yelps you’re making. Stake out a whole flock to imitate more. Put down a jake fake and pull a dominant strutter into range. Decoy options include Avian-X’s feeder hen, breeder hen, lookout hen, quarter-strut jake and strutter. And look for coming new additions to this lineup for the 2015 spring turkey season.

Zink Calls Wicked Series Friction Calls

Zink Calls Wicked Series Friction Calls $80; Easy to use, with sweet and crisp clucks and yelps, call construction is made with the impregnation of acrylic into the Brazilian cherry pot, adding a weatherproof feature. Flip the call over and condition your Dymondwood striker tip. Crystal and slate surfaces are available.

Ryan Kirby Wildlife Art

Ryan Kirby Wildlife Art Prints available from $100; Kirby did the cool “Running and Gunning” big-racked buck cover of the October 2014 issue of Outdoor Life. He also does turkeys and more for the walls of your home or hunting camp.

Irish Setter VaprTrek Boot with Realtree Xtra

Irish Setter VaprTrek Boot with Realtree Xtra $150; A bird gobbles on a high ridge or deep in the turkey woods. You’ve got to close the distance—and fast. This boot feels like a sneaker, but is tough as any hunting boot (and 40% lighter than traditional Irish Setter big game options). Traction with balance. You’ve got it all in this sturdy but athletic footwear. Heck, you could probably play Thanksgiving Day touch football in them.

Weaver Turkey Scope

Weaver Turkey Scope Apprx. $200; Your aging eyes might need some help when that gobbler steps up to the plate. The Weaver KASPA 1-4x24mm VZT Turkey Scope offers a straight-sided, slot-shaped reticle to put the center crosshair on the killing zone. Two oval slots offer 20- and 40-yard magnification references. Up close, the larger outer slot is filled with the bird’s head and neck. Far out, this aiming point fits inside the smaller, inner slot.

Yamaha Viking

Yamaha Viking From $13,000; Imagine when your favorite four-wheeling turkey hunter sees this Yamaha Viking EPS Side x Side sitting in your driveway with a big red bow on it. Built and assembled in the U.S.A., this rig can take you and your gobbler-chasing buddies off-road for unpressured spring birds.

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