The Shooter’s Holiday Gift Guide


Finding the right gift for the marksman in your family doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. These items have all been tested and vetted by Shooting Editor John B. Snow, and he gives them his stamp of approval.


Brownell’s Magna-Tip Set
This is a great starter kit for home gunsmithing work. The selection of tips that come in this set allow for a casual gun owner to perform most of the essential maintenance on a rifle or shotgun.
Having properly sized bits is critical in order to avoid marring and stripping the fasteners that join the stock to the action, the bases to the receiver, and the scope rings to the bases.


Bore-Tip Cleaners
These look like oversized Q-tips, and that’s a pretty apt description for them. These swabs come in different shapes and sizes and make short work of cleaning gunk out of the recesses of a dirty firearm. Use them to apply cleaning solvents and lubricants to gun parts and then grab a dry one to clean them off. The best part is that these are reusable and can be cleaned with some mineral spirits. These come in various sizes for use on different caliber firearms. Makes a great stocking stuffer.


Bog Pod SB-2
Real hunters use shooting sticks. A good set of sticks will increase your hit percentage in the field by orders of magnitude. It will also prevent the tree-stand walk of shame, where your hunting buddies heard your shot, yet you’ve got nothing to show for it. This bipod from Bog Pod is a high-quality product with a universal shooting rest that rotates 360 degrees. The legs are made of strong aluminum and can adjust in length rapidly to meet the shooter’s needs. This one is ideal for shooting from the sitting and kneeling positions—the two most common and useful shooting positions for hunters to master.


Boyt Harness Deluxe Plantation Series Shotgun Case
There’s no point in toting a nice shotgun around in a junky gun case. But if the shooter in your life is too cheap to procure decent protection for his bird gun, do it for him and get one of these from Boyt Harness. They are well built, durable and attractive and will withstand years of abuse while protecting its contents.


Randolph Engineering Ranger Falcon
These shooting glasses are expensive, yes, but they are worth it. The open frame design allows for an unimpeded view of the target and the quality of the glass presents a distortion-free image. Different color lenses can be swapped into the frame depending on the lighting conditions and types of targets being shot. If you’re still on the fence, consider that these glasses come with a lifetime warrantee against defects.


This rugged carbine combines some of the best features of the AR and AK platforms. For a survival gun, or a fun plinker, it is among the best on the market. Though it make look like many other black guns out there, it is blessed with outstanding handling characteristics, making it light and nimble, and a pleasure to shoot. It is a modular system that can employ either an AK or AR style lower (and use the corresponding magazines). It can be had in 5.56 NATO, 7.62×39 or .300 Blackout. It field strips in a snap, runs on an AK-style piston system, and will help get you through the next Apocalypse.


Ruger Red Label
We’ve raved about the reintroduction of the Red Label after it disappeared from Ruger’s catalog for a couple years. In case you missed it, this over-and-under has reclaimed its former role as a great value for a quality double gun. New machine processes have allowed Ruger to drop the price to a more reasonable and attainable level. It still handles as nicely as it ever has and is a bird gun that any shooter would be proud to shoulder. It is only offered in 12 gauge at the moment, though expect to see a 20 in the near future. It is available with barrel lengths of 26, 28 and 30 inches.