Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015: Presents for Dads who Hunt, Fish, and Shoot

Father’s Day is approaching fast and, if you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you haven’t found him anything special yet. Don't worry though—we’ve got you covered no matter what your budget looks like. Here’s a list of 16 great gifts for every outdoors-loving dad. Just don’t forget to buy the card.
McNett Tenacious Tape, $5
mcnett.com For backcountry repairs to clothing, sleeping bags, tents, packs or any other fabric item, Tenacious Tape is the bomb. It is adhesive-backed tent fabric and makes Duct Tape look wimpy. It comes in different colors. Perhaps the most useful is "clear" as it blends nicely against any background. — John B. Snow
ChannelLock 61A 6N1, $11 channellock.com This U.S.-made multi-bit driver is perfect for a glove box, tackle box, gun case, or any place an on-the-go dad might stash a solid, versatile tool. The bits are zinc coated and the shank is oxide coated to protect them against corrosion, while the 4.3-inch acetate handle (overall length is 7.36 inches) will stand up to harsh solvents. — John Taranto
Govino Beer Glass, $15
govinowine.com Whose dad doesn't like relaxing with a malted beverage at beer-thirty? And what's better than imbibing outdoors? Govino has a featherweight, shatterproof, go-anywhere line of polymer drinkware that is perfect for the beach, backyard, or backcountry. Their product line includes wine and cocktail glasses and decanters, but Outdoor Life dads are beer drinkers, so consider their 16-ounce beer glass, sold in packages of 4. —Andrew McKean
Wing One Clay Thrower, $29
wingoneusa.com There is no other handheld clay thrower on the market that works nearly as well as the Wing One. This clever product is the brainchild of two brothers: Tom and Jerry Black. They've been building these for decades, but they are only now starting to market them aggressively. What makes this product so special? Well, it loads fast, doesn't break the clays, and depending on the model can throw up to three targets at once. With a little practice the thrower can master numerous different presentations, keeping a shotgunner on his toes. The clays get out there fast too. A basic toss will propel a clay 40 to 50 yards downrange, but if you add a little mustard to it you can chuck a clay the length of a football field. Also, the throwers come with a lifetime guarantee. —J.B.S.
Montana Fly Company Flask, $30
montanafly.com The gorgeous patterns representing different species of trout on these flasks allow an angler to look at the object of his desire and either toast his successes or drown his sorrows. —J.B.S.
Original Stormy Kromer, $40
stormykromer.com A classic, just like your dad. If there’s a visual shorthand for the American outdoorsman of a certain vintage and vibe, it’s a plaid Stormy Kromer, with ear flaps ready to be untethered and go to work. The wool-and-flannel Stormy has been coopted by urban hipsters, but the original is a hard-working, hard-wearing piece of gear that’s warm in the winter and looks right at home in the hardwoods. _—A.M. _
How to Hunt Everything, $40
weldonowen.com Oh, your dad already knows how to hunt everything? Then buy this big, gorgeous coffee-table book for the photos and the first-person accounts of hunting animals as varied as Quebec caribou to Zimbabwean hippos. Much of the book was written by yours truly, so its inclusion in this list is entirely self-serving. Still, it's a great read. —A.M.
TAB SAC, $50
milehighshooting.com The initials stand for Silent Ammo Carrier, and that's as good a description as any for what this little bag does. It has a zippered enclosure that can accommodate about 100 rounds of loaded .308, without the need to haul around ammo cans or bulky ammo boxes. Within that enclosure is a divider that creates a separate pocket for empty brass, which keeps the shooter from fumbling around when going to reload. On the outside of the SAC are individual loops to accommodate 10 loaded rounds for even faster access. Like all TAB gear it is overbuilt and ready to take on the rigors of any shooting chore. PALS webbing on the back of the SAC allow it to be mounted on other bags or accessories should the shooter desire. —J.B.S.
ThermaCell Camp Lantern, $60
thermacell.com If you worship at the altar of Lord ThermaCell as we do, you needn't be told how effective their products are at controlling biting insects. And while they've offered lanterns for several years now, the lanterns haven't produced much light or been very useful outside of keeping the skeeters at bay. This new model, however, provides 300 lumens of light for 50 hours on 4 D cells, features a tough rubberized armor, is water-resistant, and even has a clip in the base that allows it to be hung overhead. — J.T.
Xtratuf Bluefin, $65
xtratufboots.com With these deck shoes, dad can sport the same brand of footwear worn by all of his favorite characters on those commercial fishing shows without having to risk his life at sea for weeks at a time. The non-slip outsole is the same as the one featured on Xtratuf boots, and the mesh upper is lightweight and breathable. — J.T.
MagnaShirt, $65
magnaready.com There’s a special circle in Hell for those who get their dads ties for Father’s Day. Save your eternal soul (and make your father happy) by getting him a MagnaShirt instead. The unique feature about this shirt is the magnetized faux buttons that hold the shirt together. These shirts were originally designed for people who had a hard time manipulating buttons, but it turns out there is another great use for them. Under normal daily use they stay secure, but with a quick, vigorous tug they pop apart allowing for quick access to a pistol, knife, or other item concealed under the shirt. The shirts have a clean, professional look and are ideal for someone looking for deep concealed carry. —J.B.S.
Bison Airlighter, $80
thebisoncompany.com This air-driven blowtorch just might be the ultimate Father's Day gift, assuming your father is into grilling, fireworks, or other pyrotechnics. The portable, butane-fueled device is basically a lighter on steroids. The torch ignites flammables with a 4-inch flame, but its real game-changing asset is the on-board fan that feeds the flame, allowing users to ignite charcoal or wood stoves without the need for lighter fluid or other accelerants. —A.M.
iBattz BattStation Optimus, $130
ibattz.com There is no shortage of portable power options available today, but this is the best I've used (and I've used a bunch). It's rugged, compact (5.5x3x1"), and slips nicely into a pack. With a ridiculous 20,400-milliamp-hour capacity, it takes a while to juice up fully (like, 16 hours), but once it was full, I was able to get 6 full iPhone 5 charges out of it. It's super-simple to use, and with two USB ports you can charge multiple devices at once. — J.T.
Eddie Bauer StormDown Field Vest, $149
eddiebauer.com I've been wearing this vest for nearly every month of the year for the past couple years, to duck blinds, deer stands, and New York restaurants, and it seems to fit everything I do and everywhere I go. The vest is almost unnaturally warm, thanks to its lightweight lofting goose-down fill. The ripstop shell is treated with a water-repellent finish, but the vest's greatest attribute is its light weight and extreme packability. —A.M.
Cabela's Open Range Palo Pinto, $160
www.cabelas.com With a durable rubber outsole that'll stand up to abuse, combined with exquisite detailing (check out those elk antlers), these full-grain leather boots will allow dad to transition seamlessly from ranch work to dinner with mom in town. The Palo Pinto is one of five new styles of cowboy boots introduced by Cabela's this year. Others have square toes and/or leather outsoles and different stitching and colors. — J.T.
Helle Utvær, $239
helle.no The first rule of being a dad is that you can never have too many knives. Isn't it time that your dad owned a really nice knife? The Helle Utvær features a 4-inch Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel drop point blade. This is an excellent blade material, as it's quite hard, yet can be honed to razor sharpness. Its curly birch handle (with red vulcanized rubber inlays) is incredibly handsome and evocative of the northwoods, and it comes with a very good leather sheath. — J.T.

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