Fulks shows off his fine yellowfin. Outdoor Life Online Editor
First up are the “whale watchers” off the Stellwagen Banks in Massachusetts. Outdoor Life Online Editor
First to the fish was the Salt Water Sportsman crew of publisher Dave Morel, Matt White, Mark Reedenauer and Mike Schmid. Morel, a veteran of the waters off Gloucester was on the alert for feeding whales. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Big hooks on the thermocline indicate bluefins- game on. Outdoor Life Online Editor
…And indeed it was game on. The preferred bait? How about a white Slug-Go? Outdoor Life Online Editor
The first man on the rod, puts the pounding to a stud bluefin. Outdoor Life Online Editor
More than an hour later and the bluefin hits the deck. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Matt White (left) and Mark Reedenauer gleefully hoist their sushi. Outdoor Life Online Editor
At the dock, the Gloucester crew weighed their bluefin in at about 150-plus pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The bite was on hard, but after battling a bluefin to exhaustion, this tuna broke off. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Meanwhile, off the Jersey Coast, Field and Stream’s online editor Joe Cermele scored on a bluefin, too. Not a giant bluefin, but Joe’s task was a bit tougher than most- hot water- but boated a 40-pound fish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Let’s travel a 1,000-or so miles south to the Gulf of Mexico where Outdoor Life set up shop in the waters off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. Despite having endured the fury of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the yellowfin tuna bite started to pick up. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This rig yielded no less than 10 yellowfin and countless blackfin in one afternoon. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Exhausted crew takes a minute to enjoy the catch. Outdoor Life Online Editor
It’s hook-up time as UnderArmour’s Koby Fulks tries to kick a yellowfin’s butt. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Although to hear him tell the tale, Fulks would say it took hours, Koby hauled his big yellowfin into gaff range in quick time. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Fulks’ fish comes nicely to the gaff. Outdoor Life Online Editor
All hands on deck gets a new meaning as this 89-pound yellowfin comes aboard. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Fulks and captain Hunter Cabalero hoist their trophy. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Fulks shows off his fine yellowfin. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Fall is prime time for tuna in the Northeast and in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. How good? Three crews- one each from Outdoor Life, Field and Stream and Salt Water Sportsman magazines decided to have a friendly competition to see just where fall tuna fishing, and fishermen, is best.