Miami Boat Show

Honda teased everyone with the new-for-2009 60 h.p. four-stroke, which will be released in May.
A lot of well-known professional anglers have been converting to Sea Hunter center consoles. Here's their newish bay boat.
Just the finish on Everglades boats make them hard to walk past.
And who could walk past eyes that blue?
Possibly the world's largest inflatable boat, powered with 600 h.p.
The Coast Guard now considers standup paddle surfboards, the latest surfing craze, as vessels. You need a life jacket, and you can sell them at a boat show.
Batman made an appearance.
1400 h.p. on a fishing boat? See you in the Bahamas, in a blink of the eye.
AccuDock makes a kayak slip with a railing that helps you get in an out without tipping.
There were models . . .
And there were models!
The girl on the left claimed to the driver. The girl on the right said she's the navigator.
Last one to the walleye hole is a rotten egg.
You needed this Bushnell GPS just to navigate the entire place.
But friendly Senoritas like this West Marine employee were happy to walk you around.
Minn Kota's Sam Heaton, taking a break from the modeling runway.
Exactly how much grain does it take to feed 700 horses?
The Hewes/Maverick team debuted a beamy Kevlar 18-foot, 4-inch flats skiff.
An Southern Kingfish Association team shows just many rods--and sponsors--it takes to compete on that circuit.

The annual Miami Boat Show is a place filled with many temptations, from new boats, motors and gear, to the booth girls just daring you to break out that checkbook.