Fangtooth fish have the market cornered on the gross factor.


Dory fish are painful to look at, but are a popular food fish–better buy fillets.


Batfishes have broad, flat heads and slim bodies and are covered with hard lumps and spines.


Gobblin’ sharks are rarely seen alive. The latest specimen was caught off the coast of Japan and is on display in Tokyo Sea Life Park.


The Diamond Lizardfish lives among the coral reefs off Hawaii and Australia.


Dog-toothed characins have a problem with teeth it seems. The problem appears to be they borrowed them from a sabre-toothed tiger, and despite the fact they don’t really fit, and they haven’t given them back

firefly squid

A luminescent deep-sea squid, indigenous to northern Japan. Females carrying fertilized eggs come inshore each spring by the hundreds of millions, even a billion, to lay eggs in Toyama Bay (max. depth, 1200 m) and die, thereupon completing a 1-year life cycle.


The frilled shark is easily mistaken as a sea serpant. Its means of locomotion is movement of its eel-like body.


An aggressive parasite, the lamprey eel is equipped with a tooth-filled mouth used to attach itself to host fish such as salmon.


Fangtooth fish have the market cornered on the gross factor.

WARNING: Gross Images! If you thought the fish in Part 1 were disgusting, these will make you quit drinking water, let alone swim or fish in it.