Best Boat Names

You can get a little insight into the psyche of a fisherman by the boat he owns and runs. If he puts a name on the side of the skiff, you can learn even more about what he thinks of the world as a whole, life in general, and occasionally some specifics about fishing, fun and family. Fishing tournaments are good place to see a lot of boats, many with names, and lots of personality in the mix. Here are some to ponder, with some poignant thoughts about each boat's handle.
Sea Sceptre A king in a small kingdom is still a king.
Exterminader This big, fast, wrapped rig is likely funded by pests.
Rod Confusion Confusion? Well, it's only fishing.
Clean Livin' Words to live by.
Fishin' Impossible Hopefully this crew of anglers pulls off success at the last moment of every fishing day.
Nice Rods Well, they are, ah, nice rods.
Reel Tight For the best control, this is good advice.
Rock Bottom Well, it's definitely not a Hatteras.
Knot Workin' A little practice with McNally's Fisherman's Knots Book will fix this fishing problem.
Wasabi It does look like a pretty hot crew.
Real Reel It's a boat, not a reel, right?
Mad Dog He must be British. You know, "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"
Wave Buster The wave buster in the background looks a little more seaworthy.
Logan's Run Great book and movie, the owner likely isn't kin to author William Nolan.
Sweet Maria How come she's not on board?
Bad Attitude Maybe, but they look like they're having a pretty good time.
Jolly Roger Flag If you fly the "Jolly Roger," name the boat the same.
No Rug Rats No knee grabbers either.
Vamoose It's big enough and looks fast enough to back up its brag.
The Dog House Boat must have strained the budget a bit.
Total Anarchy Someone must be in charge at the helm, right?
Holy Warriors Bless you.
Bite Me No comment needed.
'Bout Time First boat?
Family Devocean Close knit group this family fishermen.
Deep Secret The GPS numbers held by this crew likely aren't discussed much.
Reel Damage$ Maybe this boat owner can apply for a federal bail out.
Never Satisfied Some people are like that. MORE BOAT NAMES HERE!

You can get a little insight into the psyche of a fisherman by the boat he owns and runs. Here are some boat names to ponder.