The world’s largest sportfishing trade show (ICAST) has kicked off with a bang at the Orlando Convention Center. Here’s a … Continued

Need a mannequin with an outdoor motif? Look no further than Mannequins International’s hunting and fishing dummies (
The catch-and-release model is especially popular these days, according to company representatives.
I’m admittedly a camo freak, so I sort of like USA Custom Rods’ ( line of Camo Stix. You’ve got your choice of Mossy Oak Break Up, Duck Blind or Pink Camo.
Fishing rods made of carrots? Yeah, no kidding. E21. has been around for a couple of years now and have expanded their line of rods dramatically. And, yes, they are comprised mostly of ground up carrots. Word from the show floor is that they fish pretty well, too. Orange rods sure look cool.
Okay, so I’m a camo freak, but not really certain I’m a big fan of Fish-O-Flage (if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see fish amid the camo pattern). Not saying, I don’t like it, just not sure I need it.
C’mon, if you don’t love Junior, you’re just not an American. That’s why this floating keychain makes our list of must-have products.
Beer can stick bobbers are pretty tough to pass up, too.
The jury is out on this new spinning reel innovation, but Aussie Sean Holohan from Striketech ( was so convincing when he ran me through his new products that I have to say that I’m intrigued. The offset spool is designed to add extra action to lures and soft plastics.
The line-up looks pretty cool…we’ll see how they fish.
Bill Lewis lures has literally sold millions of Rat-L-Traps and with their new “Hi-Def” line of hand-painted Traps, they’ll likely sell millions more. Check ’em out at:
Here’s another intriguing product that I can’t wait to put to the test. The Bait Shuttle ( is a “revolutionary way of making sure that bait is delivered intact and not thrown off during casts. Place bait in the shuttle, cast and upon impact, the shuttle flips over and gently dumps out the bait intact.” Hmmmmmm…..we’ll see if the fish like it. More coverage in the next couple days….

The world’s largest sportfishing trade show (ICAST) has kicked off with a bang at the Orlando Convention Center. Here’s a first look at some fascinating new products.