Mega Marlin

Melanie Kisbee caught this near half-ton Pacific blue marlin near Batemans Bay, Australia in mid-March 1999. The giant fish is the women's IGFA 80-pound line class record for the species, and it weighed 996-pounds, 14-ounces.
Striped marlin are prized as one of the hardest-fighting of the billfish species. This enormous 377-pound, 6-ounce striped marlin is the IGFA 16-pound test line class record, taken by angler Rolf Masfen off King Bank, New Zealand in late April, 2005.
This is the largest of Enrico Capozzi's three IGFA world records for black marlin. This fish officially weighed 735-pounds, 3-ounces, and incredibly is the IGFA 6-pound class line record for the species. It was caught out of Port Stephens, Australia, in February, 2000.
Candace Meyer traveled to Ghana, West Africa in May, 2005 to catch this woman's IGFA record Atlantic blue marlin for the 20-pound line class division. The fish weighed just 10 pounds shy of one quarter ton.
This is one of the giants of giant marlin, weighing well over half a ton. This Pacific blue was caught by Stephan Kreupl in late January 2007, in the Indian Ocean near Rodrigues Island, the Republic of Mauritius off the coast of Africa, east of Madagascar. It's the IGFA men's 80-pound line class record, and weighed 1,237-pounds, 14-ounces.
This is one of the most coveted of all billfish records, the heaviest striped marlin of all time. Caught by Bill Boniface in June 1986, this IGFA hallmark record was taken on 50-pound class tackle off Tutukaka, New Zealand and weighed an impressive 494 pounds.
This is one of the largest fish ever caught with sporting tackle, and the heaviest marlin recorded by IGFA. Caught over a half century ago (evidenced by the black and white photo) by Alfred Glassell Jr. in August, 1953, the black marlin weighed 1,560 pounds, and was caught off Cabo Blanco, Peru using 130-pound class tackle.
Paulo Amorim is rightfully all smiles with this largest Atlantic blue marlin ever recorded by IGFA. Caught off Victoria, Brazil in February, 1992, it officially weighed 1,402-pounds, 2-ounces on 130-pound class tackle.
This IGFA all-tackle Pacific blue marlin weighed an incredible 1,376-pounds. Caught off famed Kaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii, by Jay de Beaubien in May 1982, the fish was taken on 130-pound class tackle.
While only a fraction of the size of all-tackle record blue or black marlin, this IGFA white marlin is one of the most coveted of billfish records because of the high esteem the species has. Noted for spectacular aerial battles, whites are regaled in offshore areas. This 181-pound, 14-ounce fish was caught by Evandro Coser in December 1979 off Victoria, Brazil on 30-pound class tackle, and is the largest white marlin on record.

These billfish giants are among the biggest ever caught.