Jug Fishing

Outdoor Life correspondent Gayne Young is asked to partake in the Luckenbach (yes, his family founded the town made famous by the Willie Nelson song) Annual Jug Fishing for Catfish Weekend at Choke Canyon Lake in South Texas. The event leaves him wind burned, exhausted, and ready to accept an invitation to next year's weekend.
The second generation of jug fishers displays their pride before their German ancestral father's command of, "Go wash that crap off!"
Is it any surprise that this trailer ran through two spare tires on the trip?
Swim toward the bottom Nemo! Trust me, swim toward the bottom!
Stupid Nemo. You should have listened.
Throwing out the first jug. Only 109 left to go.
"I don't care who you're writing this crap for you get that camera outta my face boy!"
"American Chopper? What's that?" "Well, it's…" "I ain't got time for that crap. We're jugging for cats!"
"That baitfish cost .20 cents!"
It's always nice to see that the water you'll be leaning into all weekend is infested with alligators.
"The first fish is a "beer fish." "What's a "beer fish?" "Ya' drink a beer to celebrate the fish." Author's note: From what I experienced this past weekend every fish was a "beer fish."
Author's note: Again, I found that every fish was a "beer fish."
Jimmy Houston kisses his fish. These guys…well…never mind. Beer fish!
"Quit posing for pictures you Nancy n' throw that fish in the croaker sack! We got 109 other jugs to check!"
Not everyone has a girl to learn to dance with.
"Did someone say beer fish?!!"
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with jugging for catfish? Nothing. Nothing at all.
If Mary knows that the combined weight of the four catfish is 100 pounds and the combined weight of the three men and four catfish is 900 pounds…
"Quit mugging for the camera and get down here n' clean some fish!"
"Bud Lime! Who's beer is this?" Everyone looks down. Silence clouds the cleaning station. "One of you pansy girls is drinking that sissy thing. Who's is it?!" "I think it was that writer guy." Author's note: It was Barry Bradley's beer, the guy forward right. I don't care if I never get invited back. I refuse to take the fall for his drinking fruit flavored beer.
This mud duck was found in the stomach of a 57 pound blue cat. "You open up all the fish's stomachs?" "Yeah. It's like I'm doctor." "Doctor my butt! Get over here n' clean these fish!"
"Hey writer boy. What you doing looking at that bird?" "I was just thinking of a poem. If you love something set it free, if it returns to you it was meant to be…" Multiple choice: After stating the above Gayne was…
A. Beaten.
B. Beaten and spit on.
C. Beaten, spit on, and then kicked in the ribs for good measure.
D. The men all formed a circle and took turns reciting their favorite poems.
Wes Luckenbach enjoys jug fishing for catfish, sunsets, and "anything on the Lifetime Channel."
Day two's off with a bang…unless you happen to be that catfish there. His day kind of sucked.
Another 40 pounder, another scream of "beer fish!"
See! It was Barry's fruity beer! Check the label right on the bottle neck!
1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, beer fish.
"Hurry up and take the picture! This thing weighs a ton!" Actually the fish weighed 58 pounds. And Barry's pretty strong for a guy that drinks flavored beer.
It's a real shame that the layers of clothing I wore under my t-shirt in order to keep warm make me look as though I have a gut.
Choke Canyon Lake in South Texas is one of the few lakes that can boast of having a Federal pen on its shore.
Ryan Nolan's Waterfront Restaurant is permanently closed. Maybe building an upscale eatery in the middle of nowhere next to a waterfront prison wasn't such a good idea.
"No, I don't think a picture of y'all with a 57 pound catfish will get you a lot of 'play with the ladies.' But then I'm just a writer for Outdoor Life."
These catfish were just "hanging around" with the guys. Lame, yes. But I'm tired after my weekend.
12 men, 1,650 pounds of catfish, 10,386 ounces of beer, and immeasurable memories. My thanks to Jerry Luckenbach and company. See you next year (hint hint).