Blast from the Past: May 1960

We combed the archives to find the issue, which hit newsstands exactly 50 years ago. The issue cost 35 cents at the time. For reference, a newspaper around that time would have cost 5 cents, and a can of soda would have been about 15 cents.
Before there were fish finders, there was the Fish LO-K-TOR, a "pioneer in electronic fresh water fishing" that used two 6-volt batteries. "Takes the luck out of fishing!"
Kayen-Vee Hook "takes the luck out of fishing!" It's not only a lure, but "a guarantee your fish won't get away."
Nellie Fox thinks these guns are great.
"This substance is now available…under the name Preparation H."
Before there were countless television channels devoted to wildlife and animals, there was...8 & 16 mm film courtesy of Jonas Bros. of Seattle & Alaska.
Ah, the days when a "one man chain saw" was a fresh, new concept.
You just don't see many sleeping bags these days with fancy, decorative interior patterns.
One lens reads small, the other reads big. What could possibly go wrong?
There have been a lot of fishing gimmicks over the years. This one might take top prize. Although, to its credit, it's "guaranteed" to catch more fish.
Behold, the early days of the bivy sack.
Despite the high praise in this ad, we don't think the FlexPort ever caught on. For one thing, $16.50 would have been a significant chunk of change in May, 1960.
Frank Gifford then…
…and Frank Gifford now.
Cigars with air-conditioning
"Keep both hands free for fishing while you steer with your foot!" What could possibly go wrong?
C'mon, who doesn't want to order a descented skunk?
The portable, folding "Folbot."
"Toy Bears!"
Did you--or someone in your family--buy any of these items? If so, we'd love to see a picture. Send us a photo as an attachment to
The May, 1960 issue of Outdoor Life included an article on New England fishing, as well as a lengthy feature on building a log cabin. Elsewhere in the world that month, the Soviet Union launched the robotic Sputnik 4 into space, and a 9.5-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile.
This particular This Happened to Me! tale, titled "Bear on a Stick," came to us from Mr. N.J. Neal, of Flint, Michigan.
"Dear hunting in blowing snow on Michigan's upper peninsula, I noticed a drift that had a suspicious-looking hole in it."
"I tried to widen the opening with my foot, but something slashed my boot. I withdrew it so fast I lost my balance."
"Leaning .270 on stump, I twisted notched stick in unseen fur to tug game from hole."
"I expected a small animal, but a black bear burst out angrily. Whirling for rifle, I fell."
"I hurled myself again at the gun, grabbed it, and spun to face bear."
"Not waiting to see how dangerous the animal's intentions were, I fired from my hip. The 250-pounder fell with a head shot."
"My prized souvenirs are a beautiful rug and one gouged boot--along with memories of some delicious roast bear."