Greg Bernal went out cat fishing with his girlfriend Janet late on July 19th on the Missouri River in Missouri. Photos by: Dan Zarlenga
For about three hours they didn’t get a single bite. A big storm was rolling in and the pair was ready to call it a night. Then Greg hooked into this monster blue catfish at 12:45 a.m.
“The baitcaster just screamed,” Greg says. “He was really running quick when I set the hook.” The fish swam upstream right at the boat, and Greg reeled as quickly as he could to keep up with the big cat.
He battled the fish for about five minutes before bringing it up. “When his head finally broke the water, I said ‘this might be the new state record,’ ” Greg says. Little did he know that it was not only a state record, but a potential world record.
Greg and Janet didn’t have a net that was big enough to boat the fish, so they used two nets to try to hoist it in the boat. They tried three times but couldn’t lift the fish out of the water. By now the thunder storm had blown in. “It was time to get out of there,” Greg says.
They gave it one last heave and finally got the big cat into their boat. They booked it back for the landing with lightning flashing all around them.
The fish officially weighed 130 pounds. The previous world record was 126 pounds.
It had a girth of 45 inches and measured 57 inches long.
Greg has been a catfish angler all of his life. He also holds the Illinois state catfish record.
Roger Hellen caught this huge brown trout at the Salmon-A-Rama fishing contest in Racine, Wisconsin. Photos by: Mary Lee Both-Hetland
He caught the big trout while trolling in lake Michigan. Roger is a veteran Lake Michigan angler.
The fish weighed 41.5 pounds, beating the former world record by just one ounce.
The previous record brown trout in the tournament was 22.4 pounds. The Wisconsin state record is 36 pounds. Roger’s fish shattered both.
Roger caught the fish with his fishing partner Jo Miller on his boat “Get Hooked.” They were two of 1,300 anglers in the Salmon-A-Rama tournament.
It took Roger 30 minutes to land the fish. It measured 40.6 inches long and had a girth of 27 inches.
Roger wasn’t the only one to catch a big trout in the tournament.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources stocks brown trout, chinook salmon, coho and steelhead in Lake Michigan.
It’s not everyday you catch a record fish. So when you do, kiss it.
Roger got a standing ovation at the tournament.
He also brought home a hefty amount of prize money.