Big Apple Fishing

Macy’s may be synonymous with July 4 fireworks and Thanksgiving Day parades, but they also promote some big time urban … Continued

Fishing in Brooklyn? This past weekend marked the 63rd Annual R.H. Macy’s fishing Contest, located in Prospect Park. Over the years, this week long activity has been a summertime tradition for Brooklyn children.
Beating the summer heat with smiles, Brad Nassau (volunteer on right) and Jonathan Wells (Manager of the event and the Prospect Park Alliance) gladly assist kids ages 15 years or under to try and catch the next big fish.
Bamboo rods and boiled corn kernel bait is provided to the children at no cost.
Rods were always at the ready.
As were bobbers–lots and lots of bobbers.
During a pre-event seminar hosted by Urban Park Rangers and the Prospect Park Alliance, the kids receive a crash course in angling and conservation.
To promote the importance of conservation, the contest is done on a catch-and-release basis.
Bullhead, crappies, bluegill and pumpkinseed are some fish species caught from the freshwater lake.
In years past, the contest has drawn around 3,000 eager urban anglers throughout the 4 day contest.
Fishing accessory prizes are given to the young angler who catches the longest fish. The grand prize, which includes a family fishing trip to Sheephead Bay, is awarded to the youngster who catches the most fish.
Big fishing in the Big Apple has become a Brooklyn tradition.

Macy’s may be synonymous with July 4 fireworks and Thanksgiving Day parades, but they also promote some big time urban fishing.