With a UPF of 30+, the Breathe Like a Fish Shirt promises to let you stay cool all day when fishing in sweltering conditions. Built-in "gills" allow air to circulate through the shirt. A microfiber, moisture-wicking fabric provides comfort. (breathelikeafish.com; $40).
While short on length, the Sebile Shallow Spoon is long on weight at 5/16 ounces, garnered from a proprietary mixture of heavy metal alloys. The spoon fishes small when the bite dictates, however, with that great heavyweight feel. (sebileusa.com; $13.78/2-pack)
Who doesn’t love a good coffee table book? Rybovich: The Definitive History of the
Legendary Boatyard
is billed as “the” volume of one of the world’s most famous yacht builders. Vintage and period photos support the narrative of these famously handcrafted boats. (rybovichbook.com; $399)
The Lowrance Sonic Hub is the first marine-grade audio server with an AM/FM tuner and docking stations for the Apple iPod that networks with multiple HDS displays–each with total audio control. The Lowrance Sonic Hub package comes with an audio server, docking station, speakers, NMEA 2000® adapter and 6-foot extension cable. (lowrance.com; $299)
The first comprehensive book, Stanley Meltzoff: Picture Maker, based on the life and work of legendary artist Stanley Meltzoff, is now available. Meltzoff passed away in 2006 while working on the book. IGFA historian Mike Rivkin, picture here, completed the 182-page project―complemented with full illustrations, published in an oversize format. (silverfishpress.com; $50)
Barbless hooks, required at some fisheries, are the bane of fishermen. Many a trophy has come unbuttoned due to a lack of a barb. The Maruto Semi-Barbless Treble Hook has a unique “lock/unlock” barb, promising fewer lost memories. (castaliaoutdoors.com)
The Sharktooth is a simple loop of nylon with a plastic eyelet that your line threads through. The idea is simple: The elastic band keeps tension on the line as you spool reels. It doubles as a tool to keep line in check when not in use. (getsharktooth.com; $7.99/2-pak)
Mounting a trolling motor on the front or side of a johnboat is a hassle. The ProControll EZ Mount allows quick and safe trolling mounts. The rustproof reinforced nylon mount installs in minutes with one wrench, adjusting to any boat contour. (procontroll.com; $79.99)
Pike fishermen should flock to the Sebile Onduspoon. The versatile bait is at home being either cast or trolled. The Onduspoon is made of hard plastic, and presents an uncanny natural motion while providing plenty of fish-attracting chatter. (sebileusa.com; variety of sizes and colors; $12.72-$14.31)
P-Line Voltage has ultraviolet inhibitors added during the extrusion process, filtering out harmful UV rays that degrade fishing line. P-Line casts smoothly, has virtually no memory, and is durable for extended sessions out on the water. (p-line.com; 4- to 30-pound-test; $7.99-$10.99).
The Boomerang Tool is designed for clumsy and absent-minded anglers who have a tendency to lose stuff. It is made of aluminum, and has glass filled nylon handles. A 36-inch retractable Kevlar tether is spooled in the handle. These braid cutters will be there when you need them. (boomerangtool.com; $35)
Molix “Supernato” combines the rugged durability of a hard-plastic cranker (lip), combined with a soft, natural-feeling rubber body. This hybrid has a double-hook installed along the body, and has a colorful, strike-enticing skirt. (protackles.com ; $5.95)
Kingly Pencil 90 is a slick top water walker sure to draw strikes. The Pencil is equipped with ultra-real finish and top-quality trebles. It casts easily―even into the wind. That versatility does come with a hefty price tag, however. (kingly-lures.com; $26)
The Kopper’s Fishing & Tackle Live Target Walking Frog is a hard bait frog that’s easy to “walk the frog.” The new hopper has an incredibly life-like matt finish. (livetargetlures.com; $12.99)
The River2Sea, LLC Dahlberg Clack’in Crayfish is something you’d expect to find rattling around in the bottom of your minnow net. This crawler combines both hard and soft components, with the best finish we’ve seen on a crawdad bait. (river2seausa.com; $12.99)
For the those of us challenged with the dubious task of tying a uni-knot, the Spinmade Click2Knot makes easy work of this laborious chore. Slip your go-to bait into the top retainer, push the end of the line into the machine, click the handle a couple of times, and bingo-bango―instant uni-knot. (click2knot.com; $29.95)
The Sebile Vibrato is a center-tie lure that’s an odd eye-catcher. The versatile Vibrato can be vertical jigged, bottom bounced, cast or trolled. The vibration emitted from this bait will have your teeth rattling and the fish biting. (sebileusa.com; $12.83-$17.23)
EZE Lap Diamond Products EE92 Anodized Fishing Pliers are a quality set of clampers that cut, bend, and twist just about anything. Deep hard anodizing keeps them corrosion-free. (eze-lap.com; $64.99)
A good pair of fishing boots are hard to find. Bimini Bay Outfitters Marlin Boots are made of blow-molded closed-cell Dupont EVA. An orthodic footbed provides all-day comfort in an easy-to-clean and lightweight boot, sure to keep your dogs from barking. (biminibayoutfitters.com; $29)
Move over, Snoopy rod and reels, and make room for Sponge Bob. The Zebco Sponge Bob Square Pants Fishing Kit has everything you’ll need to take the kids down to the pond for a day of fishing fun. And it is priced right, so you won’t mind if they lose one in the lake. (zebco.com; $12.99)
Need high-resolution maps to navigate your way to your favorite hot spot? The Lowrance Insight HD is a premium plug-and-play upgrade option for Lowrance HDS systems. It features enhanced shaded relief with four times the resolution and eight times more zoom levels of standard Insight cartography. (lowrance.com; $199-$299)
Ever have a fish throw a treble-hook-equipped bait? Who hasn’t. The Basstar Spintech 2X Strength Rotating Treble Hook offers a chemically sharp treble that rotates on the hook shaft. When a fish applies pressure, the hook rotates, keeping the fish hooked. (basstarbaits.com; $7.99 4-pak)
Long known for its hard goods, Shimano enters the soft-goods market with the Shimano Long Sleeve Vented Shirt. The ultra-shear material keeps skin cool, while the vented back keeps you aerated. The UPF rating of 30 keeps the UV at bay. (shimano.com; $49.99)
The Maruto Miracle Wing Minnow has two glide fins, offset on the starboard and port, to induce a sexy wobble, unlike other hard jerkbaits. Available in 5 sizes, and in floating, sinking and medium diving models. (castaliaoutdoors.com; $15.99)
Gas outboards sometimes aren’t practical. The Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboard can go up to 13 nautical miles on one charge. Other features include a fluid optimized shaft and a locking tilt mechanism. It disassembles for easy storage. (torqeedo.com; $1,899)
Working on anything in low light can be a frustrating. StreamWorks STWTL 60 Fishing Pliers have a light built into the jaws, illuminating whatever it is that requires your attention. The surgical stainless-steel jaws are replaceable and can cut 250-pound braided wire to 6X monofilament. (streamworks.com; $129.99)
The DuraSafe Bolt System offers a one-key solution for all your boating and trailering needs. Simply insert your vehicle ignition key into any of the locking systems, and it will key the lock to your key. (durasafelocks.com; prices vary according to locking device)
Tangled lures and lost gear can ruin a trip. Gear Grabbar Lure Holder uses rare earth magnets to hold lures, keys, tools, and anything else you want to keep stowed. (magneticmarineproducts.com; $21.99)
The performance of Costa Del Mar’s sunglasses is legendary. The Jose 580P offers those great Costa frames with the new 580P (polycarbonate) lens. A specialized coating on the lens makes it virtually as scratch-resistant as glass, and will repel water, oil, and dust. (costadelamr.com; $179)
Dragging brass swivels around when fish are line-shy costs precious bites. The Aquateko Invisaswivel is manufactured of a non-metallic, non-corrosive clear polycarbonate-based material that is invisible in water and virtually indestructible. (aquateko.com; $4.99/4-pak)
Stainless-steel leader material has been the offshore standard for decades. Knot2Kinky Titanium Nickel Leader is, as the name implies, a blend of titanium and nickel (Nitinol) that is knottable and stretchable, and never corrodes. Great for kingfish, wahoo, barracuda, sharks and all other toothy saltwater critters. (aquateko.com; $8.99 25#/15-foot coil)
The VersaLure, LLC V-X4 Serpent is the first adjustable crankbait and popper. The mechanically jointed body has four sections, each keyed and interchangeable. Colors and configurations can be mixed and matched by swapping body parts. (versalures.com; $9.99)
With a UPF of 30+, the Breathe Like a Fish Shirt promises to let you stay cool all day when fishing in sweltering conditions. Built-in “gills” allow air to circulate through the shirt. A microfiber, moisture-wicking fabric provides comfort. (breathelikeafish.com; $40)
Form the original makers of the Chatterbait, Z-Man introduces its 7-inch Finesse WormZ. Made of specially blended 10X Tough ElazTech, these ultra-buoyant baits are great rigged on a shaky head or drop shot rig. (zmanfishing.com; $3.89/8-pak)
Lowrance Mark-5x DSI provides crystal-clear underwater definition with photo-like views in shallow and deep water, and freshwater or saltwater–including impressive bottom readings at higher boat speeds. Capable of displaying isolated targets and hard-to-find secondary structure, DSI sonar only allows users to see vegetation and bottom structure. (lowrance.com; $349)
The “Not-So-Good” Category The HatCam is equipped with a standard camera adapter that fits most recording devices. We wondered what would happen if you leaned over the side of your boat to lift a fish from the water? Or when you’re blasting across your favorite lake? (hatcams.com; $29.99)
We love our camouflage as much as the next guy or gal. The Cover2Group has camo-clad covers that fit most boat fenders. While no doubt stylish, we’re not sure if the average boater really needs a camo-covered boat fender. (cover2group.com; $26-$29 each)
The Hunchun Datong Echo Tracking Bait is designed to produce a variable frequency that drives fish into a feeding frenzy (or so we’re told). We liked the idea, however we simply couldn’t get past the shear fugliness of the baits. (hcfishing.com; $26)
The Cablz Flotz is an optional float for the Cablz sunglass retention system. The bobber attaches to the cable and should the glasses fly or fall off, the bobber floats―saving the day. We’re not sure why we didn’t take to this idea, other than, well, it’s a bobber. (cablzeyewear.com; $2.50)