Julie Ball After Flounder

Chris Quinn came into town from Richmond. Chris, Captain Rudy Lavasseur, and I decided to pound for some flounder in the Chesapeake Bay.
With Rudy's flounder skills, we were excited. With a live well full of live bait, we pulled out of Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, and headed to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in search of big flounder.
Unfortunately, the flatfish didn't get that memo. We bumped around for most of the morning, with nothing to show.
Rudy reassured us, "They're there, we just have to wait for them to bite." And wait we did.
We took our time and took a swim break. I think Chris won the award for the prettiest dive off the boat's tower!
Back to business around noon, and the fish were ready this time.
The current was starting to move, so we raked over the same holes we had covered that morning, with much better results. The bait we used were 4 to 7-inch spot and croaker on a 3-way rig.
We hooked over 20 fish, with most of them ranging to around 23-inches long.
My biggest went over 26-inches.
Rudy estimated it at over 7-pounds, but my crew flinched as I let her swim off for a Virginia State release citation.
It was hot, but the SW breeze made it bearable. The fish turned off just as quickly as they had turned on, so we headed in at around 4pm or so.
A great day on the water, with a great crew!
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