Trading patches was one of the big activities among the Scouts. All over the Jamboree you'd find guys gathering to swap patches like you see here.
They say that all roads lead to Bass Pro Shops. En route to the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort AP Hill, Virginia, we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop just north of Richmond. Outdoor Life Promotions Director Beth Hetrick (left) and Managing Editor Camille Rankin came along to help recruit Scouts for a special conservation project planned for the Jamboree.
How can you resist taking a photo of all the trophies inside Bass Pro?
Welcome to Fort AP Hill–home of the 100th Anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree, where Outdoor Life’s Project Save-a-Stream conducted a special stream restoration project in cooperation with the Boy Scouts and Yamaha.
Camille and Beth meet with Tim Southard, Natural Resources Specialist for Fort AP Hill. Tim is one of the naturalists who oversee all things related to wildlife at the Fort and was the person in charge of the tree-planting project we did with the Scouts at the far end of the pond you see here.
At the Jamboree, every morning begins with a flag-raising ceremony. More than 43,000 Scouts and troop leaders were in attendance.
The tents, required of all troops that attended the 10-day Jamboree, stretched as far as the eye could see.
The Conservation Trail featured booths and displays from a number of conservation organizations, including Outdoor Life, NWTF, Forest Service and more.
Here’s the beginning of the Conservation Trail–just one of the many different fun zones available to Scouts at the Jamboree.
Scouts were given special “Passports” that they could get stamped at various booths along the Conservation Trail. To earn a stamp, each Scout had to listen to a short presentation explaining an aspect of conservation. Once the passports were completed, Scouts received a special conservation patch.
At Outdoor Life’s Save-a-Stream table, Scouts were invited to sign up for our Save-a-Stream project, which was conducted the following day. Some 75 Scouts planted 260 trees along the perimeter of a pond that feeds into a stream. The plantings will help prevent erosion and improve water quality.
Scouts who took part in the Save-a-Stream project received a gift bag that included items from Outdoor Life, Yamaha, Primos and Crosman.
Trading patches was one of the big activities among the Scouts. All over the Jamboree you’d find guys gathering to swap patches like you see here.
Scouts gathered to hear Tim Southerd explain the work they were about to do and the benefits it would have for the stream below the pond and the waters beyond.
Yamaha ATVs were used to transport saplings to the far end of the pond. To learn more about Save-a-Stream, go to