Freak Fish
Bighead Carp, 170 pounds, Hungary
This is the heaviest Bighead Carp ever caught and documented worldwide. Heavier than the old world record from Hungary (not China!) and all commercial catches. The fish with an unbelievable girth of 56 inches had more than 10 kg of eggs in it. It is also the oldest specimen with 50 years, ever examined by a fish biologist. Photos from: Fishing World Records
Mangar, 271 pounds, Turkey
The male fish was caught at night by commercial fishermen. Unfortunately the reporting in the Middle East about this species are not as extensive and professional as for the Indian Mahseer species.
Marmorata, 49 pounds, Slovenia
This fantastic fish was caught with a Streamer above the Most reservoir and confirmed by the Fishing Association of Slovenia. Hybridization with foreign trout stocked for angling was the main threat for this wonderful species. Tolmin Angler’s Society launched a reintroduction programm from the last genetically pure populations in remote creeks of the Soca basin. The largest specimens of Salmo marmoratus were found in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In this countries the main problem is habitat destruction due to dam building.
Flatwhiskered Catfish, 55 pounds, Brazil
Globetrotter Mark Jones, now operator of Argentine Angling Adventures, took seven british anglers to a new destination, nearly unexplored by foreign sport fishermen. They explored the Paraguay River near the mouth of the Rio Apa, bordering Brazil and Paraguay. Nick Berridge set a new record for Occelate River Stingray with a 75-pound specimen on the same trip. The Parana-Paraguay river system is home to some of the largest freshwater rays and catfishes in the world. Record-sized fish are still often caught in this vast river system.
Common Carp, 99 pounds, France
Two specimens, “Steve Brigg’s Fish” from Rainbow Lake and “Scarfish” from Les Graviers Lake alternate in breaking the record for many years. In the meantime this crazy hunt for the carp world record is boring, but some other facts are really interesting for scientists: One of these fish will reach the 100-pound mark within the next two years. In former times an unbelievable weight for Cyprinus carpio. “Scarfish” has been caught over 25 times in the last eight years.
Nile Perch, 249 pounds, Uganda
The heaviest Nile Perch of the last years was attacked by a Crocodile during the fight, therefore it couldn’t be released. Tim Smith had to jump into the chest-deep water, hook the dying fish on his stringer, tie it to a tree and rush back to the lodge to bring help. The fish, accurately weighed on certified scales had a girth of 60 inches.
Piraiba, 341 pounds, Brazil
After a fight lasting nearly three hours, the largest Piraiba accurately weighed and confirmed by the IGFA was landed. In the last years we heard and read a lot of reports of fishes between 150 and 250 kg. But until now, we believed that in all the other cases the weight was only estimated.
Freshwater Whipray, 584 pounds, Thailand
This is the largest freshwater fish ever landed on rod and reel. The giant ray was caught while filming a documentary with National Geographic Channel about this species. After an epic ninety minute battle it was examined by the well known fish biologist and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Zeb Hogan. The spawning fish was released unharmed.
Northern Pike, 63 pounds, Poland
This could be one of the largest Northern Pikes in the last decades. But we got no confirmation from local experts till now. It seems, that it was caught in an illegal way or with a net, so it is not a new official record in Poland. Probably no fake, simply a scanned photo in bad quality.
Rainbow Trout, 48 pounds, Canada
Sean Conrad beated the two year old record of his twin brother Adam. Diefenbaker’s rainbow record production is the result of commercially raised sterile rainbows. A half-million fish entered the 225 kilometres long reservoir through a damaged net at a fish farm in 2000. Because they’re genetically manipulated to have three sets of chromosomes instead of two, their growth rate is substantially higher than a diploid rainbow with no physical stress factors related to spawning. Biologists estimate that these trout could survive for upwards of 20 years. Beside, many record fish were sterile through natural causes.
Altai Osman, 12 pounds, Mongolia
Due to new destinations offered by angling tour operators species like this predatory carp-like species are “discovered” by Sportfishing. With 10 kg maximum weight an attractive fish beside the Taimen.
httpswww.outdoorlife.comsitesoutdoorlife.comfilesimport2013images20100912_Screen_shot_2010-09-13_at_10.47.37_AM_0.jpg is an online database that collects information on the largest freshwater fish from all over the world. It is less stringent than the International Game Fish Association when it comes to angling rules, and it also counts more freshwater species than the IGFA.
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