A Boy's First Cobia

Jason Legg's son, Nathan, is six years old. Nathan informed me he has caught many species, but never a cobia. Rudy and I agreed that was easy to fix. Sunday morning, when I said hello to Nathan, he looked up at me with a big smile, and said "Thank you for letting me go fishing with you today." I melted. Nathan and dad, Jason, with Striper.
We had a late start on Sunday out of Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach. Jason, Nathan, Rudy Levasseur and I made it to the Bridge Tunnel by about noon. The weather was nice, with a slight NE wind. We started out dropping some live bait for a few flounder in a ripping outgoing tide. We impatiently bagged the flounder efforts to look for cobia after catching one schoolie striper and a nice flounder. I hook into a cobia here.
After awhile, we came across a single cobia that took the eel. At first we thought it was a 60 to 65 pounder, too big for Nathan. I fought the fish. Everything started out great until the fish took some line, and then suddenly...zip, zip, zip… Uh oh! The drag was toast.
Great. That's what I like, a challenge. So we had to become a little more creative with this fish. As soon as the cobia had the opportunity, she made a dash for the bridge. I used the bow in the rod to control the pressure, while Rudy headed her off. It worked, and she turned towards the Bay. The fish felt solid, and she commenced to work me over. We felt fortunate to have the fish hooked, because after a few minutes the clouds rolled over us. A few other boats pulled up to watch the fight. We also had a nervous encounter with a curious sail boat. I finally worked the fish up, and our suspicions were confirmed. It was bigger than 60-pounds. She was a nice one! Nathan was very excited.
Jason Legg makes a cast.
We continued our search for a perfect fish for Nathan.
Nathan's first cobia.
Nathan's fish showed up on cue, and took a bucktail, compliments of his Dad. This fish did not give up easily, giving Nathan a great first time cobia battle. Nathan was the king of the boat with his huge 17.5-pound cobia! Now we will always be part of Nathan's memories, as he develops his love of the sport. That's what it is all about!
Nathan's cobia took an orange bucktail.
Nathan helps Dr. Julie Ball present her huge cobia.
Jason Legg, Nathan Legg, and Dr. Julie Ball.
Father and son in the tower.
82 lbs. cobia on the scale.
Dr. Julie Ball and Rudy Levasseur with cobia.
It was a good day. Thank you, Nathan.