Tackle Test Live

Outdoor Life is back in marshes of Louisiana to test the new line-up of rods and reels for 2011.
OL testers Todd Kuhn and Jamie Harris joined Joe DeMarco of Cajun Fishing Adventures to put the new group of conventional rods through the paces.
Meanwhile, the test team of John Taranto, Gerry Bethge and Cajun Fishing Adventures owner Ryan Lambert hunt down their own redfish honeyhole.
Harris muscles up on a red while using the Quantum Smoke.
Harris is hard to another red, this time with a Carrot Stix.
Lambert and Bethge discuss the fine--and sometimes not so fine--points of the new line of conventional reels.
...as Harris connects.
Lambert with a redfish...and a green fish a.k.a. largemouth bass.
Another beautifully colored marsh red.
It's DeMarco's turn on the Smoke--it's a big bull.
After an extended battle, a big red is ready for the net.
Anyone have a bigger net?
We guessed this bull's weight at right around 30 pounds.
No way to get a hand wrapped around that tail.
One happy angler.
A look at the fishbox.