Fish With Captain Gina Bradley

Gina Bradley didn't grow up fishing, but now she's making up for lost time. After meeting her husband, a full-time fishing guide, Gina started chasing cobia, snook, tarpon and redfish.
Gina and a big snook.
Richard does most of the guiding, but Gina does have her captain's license.
While she loves catching tarpon, Gina's favorite species to target is cobia. "I really like to fish for cobia, because I'm a little competitive sometimes and I like to sit in the tower and try to spot them first," she says.
But spotting cobia and tailing redfish is just half the battle. You still have to catch them. "my eyes are much better than my cast," Gina says.
Gina is in charge of advertising and public relations for Lagooner Fishing Guides. "There's not a lot of full-time charter captains around here, and it really takes two people to do it."
But on half fishing days or off days, Richard and Gina fish for themselves.
But fishing isn't Gina's only water sport, she's also recently taken up surfing.
Gina and her husband Richard.
Gina has two daughters who also fish and surf.
Gina's also a photographer and snapped these tarpon photos while out on the water.

Whether its near-shore or off-shore, if it swims in the ocean, Captain Gina Bradley can catch it. Check out the photos from this outstanding female angler.