An 8-pound largemouth -dfield
My first fish with a bow -Sean Williams
A 26-inch redfish -brantleychris
Prior to this trip, Lisa had only fished for panfish. Her biggest fish ever was a 12-inch bass. I invited her to go salmon fishing, and she jumped at the chance. After getting to the water at 5 a.m., she was not so excited until she got to fight this 17.5 salmon. “Now she is hooked” -toocooltoocool
Red snapper fishing is alive and well in the Gulf. -Gerry Bethge
My beautiful wife, Jenny, landed this king on the Pere Marquette River “flies only” stretch near Baldwin, Mi. It was the freshest king I had encountered in a river in a long time, not a mark on him! Beautiful fish, beautiful wife, beautiful day! Doesn’t get any better than that! -travisangell
When Warren Kremmins goes fishing, he means business. This amberjack on the Last Mango was a catch of a lifetime! -last mango
This hefty golden tilefish was caught east of Fort Pierce, Florida on the Last Mango. -last mango
This big blue was over 14 pounds and put up a really good fight, too bad it was two weeks before the WICC Bluefish tournament or I would have pocketed some cash! -seanog
Just another day in Sitka, Alaska. -Beast
Caught this nice red while black bear hunting in Talkeetna, Alaska. -rmc23
Chris Hurrell, 8, caught this Lake Sturgeon in Wisconsin using night crawlers. It was his first large fish ever and he battled all the way with the sturgeon for about 15 minutes. The fish was photographed and then released to fight another day. -Adrian Hurrell
Randy Cound caught this monster striper in Lake Martin late August 2010. It weighed 50 pounds and measured 45 inches. What a great catch! -huntchic
I caught this 23-inch largemouth in shallow water in submerged cover. -bobby072
This beautiful 14-inch cutthroat trout was caught by Tyler A. Nading, age 17, at Pear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. He caught it on his own hand-tied fly, a #14 Copper John, on June 16, 2010. The trout was released, unharmed, after photo was taken. -lhamman
In just a few hours we caught five pike bigger than 40 inches while fishing in Ontario. -SRwi
Personal best 34.2-pound 41-inch King Salmon caught in Oswego, New york on Lake Ontario. -alwayzfishin
Mal was 4 years old when she caught her first fish. Caught at Sayer’s Dam in Howard, PA. She wasn’t afraid to hold it. She wanted to hold it the way daddy does. I’m so proud of her. -chasemallory
30-inch striper caught surfcasting with cut bait -bigjake
A 52-inch black drum my record ever on this species. -Ray Souto
Caught on Aug. 6 on an egg sucking Leech. -evershed
Hooked in to this 27-pound lake trout using a 10-weight Sage fly rod, in nine feet of water. He almost spooled out, and I had to chase him to get some line back. -Point Lake N.W.T.
I am 6 months pregnant and decided to go fishing with my husband, threw a shatter bait in the middle of the lake, and had a bite. Got him toward the boat when he jumped out of the water. I knew this was a good fish. Biggest fish I have ever caught in my life. My bass came in at six pounds six ounces. He is 22 inches long. It was a good day. -mandylina
July 2010, 9-year-old Robert Ives of Alaska was on a fishing trip to Valdez with his sister Nevaeh and parents. He baits his own hooks, lets line down, sets the hook, reels them in, but this time was different. It was fighting and deeper than any others. After 15 minutes, the biggest yellow eye they had seen, 25.3 pounds. Not an easy feat for a boy weighing 40 pounds! -Bobives
My brother caught this giant lake trout on Lake of the Woods in Nestor Falls, Ontario. It was the biggest fish we caught that week and made for one heck of a meal. -erict8
Deep sea fishing in Madreia Beach, Florida in July 2010 With my son and dad. -hunt76
West Branch muskie just before this fish got netted, as you can see, barely hanging on, only one point on the rear treble is holding it. -ohiodeerhunter
35-pound plus permit at first light in the bay. -Aluminum Leader
60-pound roosterfish. -dfield
30-pound blue cat caught on Wheeler Lake with a minnow and 10-pound test line. -leonidas5969
Hello, my name is June Morton. I caught this crappie in a private pond located in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was caught and released on April 15, 2010 at about 8:30 p.m. -junemorton
My wife and her Columbia sturgeon, she waited until our grandson, myself and our friend Bob had boated our sturgeon, then knowing what she needed to beat us, she hauled in a great 46-inch beauty. Limit is one per person. -oregoncurly
First time deep sea fishing and loving it! -selwell
My big muskie I caught while fishing with my guide, teammate AKA: my husband! I caught this musky June 6, 2010 -jasondenise
Caught and released at Morehead City while surf fishing near Oceana, Beach Resort. Nice fight … caught using a medium spinning rig on Braided 12-pound test using a squid. -pauadams
Two of the 15 “Keepers” we caught in the surf this past week in Wellfleet, Mass. Throwing topwater lures on light tackle. -Hambone
Fishing with my wife Jill the other night, she hooked this dandy 19-inch largemouth. We could hear it out of the water, and it crossed my line in a flash and ran the Fireline into the split ring on my plug. Everything stayed attached as I manually untangled the mess. We released it immediately after the photo. -crosbychief
I caught this paddlefish below Gavins Point Dam located in Yankton, South Dakota. The fish measured 41 inches from the eye to the tail, so I had to throw it back as it was a “slot” fish. I still had a fun time landing it though! -tsteichen
Trolling out on Lake St. Claire in Olympia, WA. I am pretty new to fishing so when I felt something hit my line, I figured it was a little one like we had been catching all day. Finally got it to the boat and was surprised as hell. A big rainbow … gorgeous fish! -erinolympia

It’s easy to get wrapped up in hunting season, but let’s not forget about our other favorite sport. Here’s our best fishing photos submitted by readers.