Fish of the Year 2010

Brett Caldon, Wisconsin River, WI
Muskie, 40 lb., 53.5 in.

Brett reeled in this 53.5-inch muskie at the end of a business trip with his friend, Claude Langlois. The lunker was caught with a spinnerbait in mid-June.
Brian Trettel, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
Northern pike, 25 lb., 46 in.

Brian, a junior at the University of North Dakotwa, was icefishing for walleyes with his dad and some friends when he hooked this impressive 46-inch monster through an 8-inch hole. He fought the fish for 45 minutes and gaffed it under 4 feet of ice on a frigid day in April.
Denise Leonhart, Lake Miltona, MN
Muskie, 52 in.

Denise caught this lunker with the help of her husband, a veteran angler. The monster fish measured only 10 inches shorter than Denise herself.
Ron Klimes, Brownlee Reservoir, ID
Ron Klimes and his 16-year-old son, Jacob (pictured here), were new to catfishing when they set out last March. Whether it was skill or "beginner's luck," they landed an impressive five catfish weighing more than 10 pounds in one weekend.
Jason Hoyer, Rush River, WI
Brown trout, 8 lb., 26 in.

Jason, a part-time taxidermist, caught this hefty brown trout on 4-pound-test fishing line with a tube jig near El Paso, Wisconsin. He described the fish as being "real girthy."
Raymond Hills, Lackawanna River, PA
Golden trout, 3.25 lb., 21 in.

Raymond caught this tawny trout while fishing on a chilly day in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. He was casting a Mepps spinner in late April.
Foster Ashmore, Baxter State Park,
ME Brook trout, 2 lb. 2 oz., 19 in.

Ten-year-old Foster fished for an hour before reeling in this 2-pound 2-ounce brook trout. He was fishing with his father, Jai, and older brother, Lucas, in northern Maine.
Myron H. Bright, Lake Melissa, MN
Walleye, 29.5 in.

Myron, 91, has been fishing since he was 10. He poses here with a few family members and his prized walleye, which he caught in late May with a jig and a 3-inch worm.
Randy McEnespy, Priest Lake, ID
Lake trout, 25 lb., 44 in.

Randy's first time fishing for lake trout in the winter proved fruitful. He and a buddy, Josh Miller, caught several smaller fish before landing this massive trout with a jig head and 8-inch grubtail combo.
Richard Levesque, Lake Champlain, VT
Walleye, 14.5 lb., 32.5 in.

Richard caught this walleye last February on a night trip to his favorite winter fishing spot. It ended up breaking the state record. "This is my fish of the year and my lifetime," he said afterward.
Rob Paulick, Namakogon Lake, WI
Smallmouth bass 5 lb., 19.5. in.

Rob's trip to northern Wisconsin's Namakogon Lake was a big success. He caught this nice bass on a spinnerbait.
Ron Klucas, Lake Francis Case, SD
Walleye, 15 lb. 8 oz.

Ron caught this thick walleye in March using a 
1⁄2-ounce jig and a minnow in southern South Dakota.
Russ Spletzer, Red Lake, Ontario
Lake trout, 20 lb., 39 in.

Brothers Paul and Matt took their father, Russ, to Black Bear Lodge for some fishing last May. Russ landed this nice trout while bouncing a minnow-tipped jig head on the bottom of the lake.
Al Asher
Alex Wolfe
Brian Slater
Chris Rowan
Cody Woodward
Dave Hebert
Edward Amey
James Blanford
Jason Gostiaux
Jesscia Horning

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